Set Appointments with Prospects and Clients from Right Inside Follow Up Boss

“It really helps to be able to stay inside of Follow Up Boss all day rather than having to jump around to other systems like Google Calendar. Makes my day simpler and much more efficient!”

Brandon Duncan
Duncan Prime Realty
Raleigh, NC


Setting appointments is a critical part of the sales pipeline for real estate agents. That’s why we’ve separated this activity from regular ‘Tasks’, in order to add enhanced functionality and better tracking and reporting across your team.

Full Google Calendar Sync

“Appointments has exceeded my expectations. Seamless….LOVE the (Google Apps) integration and it invited my client automatically to the appointment”

Barry Jenkins
Team Leader – Better Homes and Gardens
Virginia Beach, VA


Easy to Set Appointments on Agent’s Behalf

If you have an ISA or Office Manager who is setting appointments on behalf of your agents with new leads, now they can view all the agents’ calendars in one central spot and easily see when they’re available to meet with the lead.

Event Reminders Directly from Agent’s Regular Calendar

Events you add in Follow Up Boss, automatically show up in the agent’s Google Calendar which can easily be connected to the calendar app on their device or computer so they can get the same reminder’s they’re used to for other events and follow up.

Invites Sent from Google to Increase Show Up Rate

Automatically send a calendar invite to clients you set appointments with which allow them to easily add the event to their calendar, get reminders and dramatically reduce your last minute cancellations or no-shows!

“Having the ability to set appointments right inside Follow Up Boss allows my ISAs to be more efficient setting up showings and meetings with clients for our agents, and by sending the invite to the client as well, we’ll get a better commitment level from them.”

Preston Guyton
Broker/Owner – CRG Companies
Myrtle Beach, SC

Easily Manage your Follow Up Tasks


Reporting (Coming Soon…)

We’ll soon be adding advanced reporting around the new Appointments feature which will answer questions like ‘Which of my agents are setting the most appointments with the leads I’m providing?’ and ‘Which lead source leads to the most appointments for my agents?’.