You can find instant help in our Follow Up Boss 1 & Follow Up Boss 2 help centers.

If you can’t find what your looking for please send us an email at or use the chat feature in the app and we will help you out.


Who is Follow Up Boss for?

  • – Real Estate Teams ready to improve their sales process
  • – Teams spending over $500 per month on online lead generation
  • – Teams that want better agent accountability
  • – Teams that want to track their marketing spend on leads

I’m ready to signup my team, can I speak with someone on the phone?

Yes shoot us an email at and we can setup a time. Please include details on where your getting leads from and the number of agents you want to signup for.

You can also signup for a free trial.

Can I get a quote for 100+ agents?

No, Follow Up Boss is sales productivity software for real estate teams, it is not designed for brokerages of 100+ agents. We suggest sending leads to a much smaller pool of agents that are dedicated to serving your online inquiries.

Do you have an affiliate program?

No…we don’t pay people to recommend our product. You can be sure that anyone that recommends
Follow Up Boss is doing so because they believe in the software not because they are being
enticed by a commission fee or free service.