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Likely.AI's REfresh Engine is the ultimate AI companion to your real estate business and Follow Up Boss. It uses innovative AI and monitoring technology to predict likely sellers, updates missing contact info, and even triggers automated notifications so you never miss an opportunity again. Put simply, it will help make sure you’re first to know when your contacts need your help.

What is pre-market intelligence and why should you care?

Our patented AI powered REfresh engine seamlessly and automatically makes your Follow Up Boss account an even more powerful tool for your real estate business.  We automatically refresh and enrich every contact, finding current property addresses, adding phone numbers, and more, ensuring your database is always accurate and up-to-date.

We also monitor your contacts 24/7 to know more about their situation. Our embedded app keeps you up-to-date on various events such as when a contact becomes a likely seller, experiences distress, or goes through other significant changes. You can receive notifications directly and it automatically updates your Follow Up Boss account.

Simply put, through the power of our A.I. powered REfresh engine you will have the most up to date contact information for everyone in your Follow Up Boss account and you will be the first to know if one of your contacts needs your help to buy or sell a home.

We believe that Pre-Market Intelligence is the future of how real estate agents, brokers and team leaders grow their business and stay better connected with the most valuable asset they have, their database.

Three ways you can get started:

  1. Try our REfresh Engine free to get a sense of the value it delivers on a few addresses.
  2. Get a 14 day free trial of embedded REfresh Engine app inside your FUB account
  3. Take advantage of this special offer only for FUB users: 50% off your first two months!

What does Likely.AI do inside Follow Up Boss?

  1. Likely Seller and Distressed Scores: With Likely Seller Predictions, you’ll get a competitive advantage by being the first to know when a contact becomes a likely seller. Our predictions are highly accurate, with an average of one in ten of our predicted sellers listing within 90 days. This helps you save money by not marketing to contacts whose properties are already on the market, and increases your chances of getting the listing by 82% when you’re the first to know.
  2. Map view with property details: With our Map view built into FUB you can zoom in and out and get a quick glance at the property and surrounding areas. You will also see the estimated value, property info and last sold date at a glance.
  3. Contact Enrichment and Monitoring: We automatically refresh and enrich contact information, finding current property addresses, adding phone numbers, and more, ensuring your database is always accurate and up-to-date. But we don’t just refresh the info one time we constantly monitor your contacts 24/7 so you can always be the first to know when they might need your help.
  4. ChatGPT contextual content (emails and listing description): Maximize your marketing efforts by combining Likely.AI’s monitoring technology with customized ChatGPT prompts. Use ChatGPT’s engineered prompts infused with Likely.AI’s big data and prediction score results to create context-specific and tailored marketing content that resonates with your contacts and increases engagement. Stay laser-focused and ensure success with every outreach… all while saving money.
  5. Data driven triggered automations for LIKELY Events

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