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What makes DriveBuyTech special?

Dylan Schleppe (Founder): Service.  I started the company because I wanted some simple information I couldn’t get when I wanted it.  Our technology is great, but our service team is world class. Our Customer Reviews will give anyone curious about our service some insight.

How does the DriveBuyTech service work? What can agents expect?

DriveBuy Tech customers use our unique Ad Codes to allow prospective customers the ability to get information, including description, details, photos and video delivered directly to their phones via text message.  Our platform provides mobile optimized landing sites for properties or customers can link directly to their own property pages. Whether using our sites or their own, agents and team are notified instantly via e-mail and/or text message that a prospect has inquired about a property.  FollowUp Boss customers can have these leads flow directly into their CRM automatically.

What are the top ways that real estate agents can benefit from using DriveBuyTech?

DriveBuy tech customers benefit from 24/7 lead capture for all their drive by traffic.  Our interactive signs give prospects the information they want instantly and give our customers the ability to follow up and start a conversation.  All customers start with a conversation! In addition to in the field application, our most successful customers leverage the platform in listing appointments to show the property owner, in real-time, how they leverage the system to maximize listing exposure.

What one piece of advice would you give to ambitious real estate agents looking to succeed? 

Time is our most valuable resource.  Great Realtors leverage technology to enable efficient use of their time and sphere of influence.  Technology should not be substituted, but leveraged, for building and maintaining the relationships key to your success.  Every conversation you have with a property owner or prospective buyer is an opportunity for a future relationship. Relationships turn into transactions, either directly or via referral.

What separates DriveBuyTech from competitors in your space?

The DriveBuy tech product allows flexibility and power no other vendor comes close to.  Our dynamic pricing and customer focused support gives individual Realtors and teams an advantage in the market.

Real estate transactions in many markets are seasonal, so our pricing reflects that. Our customers only pay for the service if they’re using it.  If an agent has no listings she can deactivate all her Ad Codes and not be billed at all. When new listings come up the Ad Codes can be reactivated for the new listings and billing will resume.  Our customers love the opportunity to have the system available when they need it, yet not be billed for it when there’s not inventory.

Product flexibility with regard to where the prospect views the listing information on the web is also an advantage.  We offer a mobile-optimized web platform for any customer who doesn’t have their own system available.

Many of our customer have invested heavily in their web platforms and want to drive traffic directly to those sites and we can do that as well.

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