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About Sierra Interactive

Sierra Interactive provides beautiful, customizable home search websites to real estate companies that are specifically optimized for lead generation, along with managed lead generation services to help you drive traffic to your site.

How to Get the Best Results from your Sierra Interactive Leads

Since most Sierra Interactive customers are doing Pay-Per-Click advertising to drive visitors to their site, they often ask the visitor to register immediately in order to view the properties they’d like to explore. In most cases, aiming to capture contact information from anonymous visitors is the only way to drive good return on your investment in that traffic since now that you have their contact info, you can follow up directly.

As with all home search website leads, you need to be mindful that many of these people are in the very early stages of their home search, and so you need to treat them as such. This means you need to have a good system in place to nurture these leads over the long term, and you should try not to overwhelm the person with too many touches right away.

The integration makes it really easy to see who you should follow up with, since Follow Up Boss receives the information about every page or property they look at on your main site, which you can then use to filter and prioritize your database.

For example, you can sort by most recent website activity, so you can quickly get a list of people you might not be serving as a client yet, but that are highly engaged and looking at homes on site. These people are far more likely to be receptive to a call and be ready to start going to see homes with you.image-2017-03-15-at-10-19-12-am-2-2

Now that you know exactly who to call, you also need to make sure that every lead you get, whether from Sierra Interactive or another source, gets set up to receive new listings from your website. You’ll want to prioritize this over using your MLS with your leads since by doing it on your site, you can track all their activity in order to better serve them.

Setting your contacts up to receive listing alert from your site is easy through the integration. Just click the ‘View in Sierra Interactive’ button on any contact, to be taken to that same contact in your Sierra backend so you can add or adjust their search criteria.image-2018-06-11-at-5-51-36-pm

Then, you can use a simple follow up cadence, managed through the Smart Lists feature in Follow Up Boss, to stay in touch with your leads until they’re ready to move.

Details of What Sierra Interactive’s Integration with Follow Up Boss can do

  1. Ability to choose Sierra lead routing rules over Follow Up Boss lead routing rules, or Follow Up Boss lead routing rules over Sierra lead routing rules.
  2. Automatically keep the Follow Up Boss agent assignment in sync with your Sierra agent assignment when using Sierra lead routing rules.
  3. Automatically keep the Sierra agent assignment in sync with your FUB agent assignment, even when you change it in Follow Up Boss.
  4. In cases where a lead registers on your Sierra site and a lead with the same email address already exists in Follow Up Boss, the lead is assigned in Sierra to the same agent to whom they’re already assigned in Follow Up Boss.
  5. Choose the lead “Source” when sending leads from Sierra to Follow Up Boss: either the site name on which the lead was added (e.g.,, or the Source value of the lead in your Sierra dashboard (e.g., Google AdWords).
  6. Lead tags added in Sierra are automatically synced in Follow Up Boss, and vice versa.
  7. When leads view listings on your Sierra site(s), details about those viewed listings are automatically pushed through to Follow Up Boss in real time.
  8. When leads save listings on your Sierra site(s), details about those saved listings are automatically pushed through to Follow Up Boss in real time.
  9. When leads request info or submit a showing request on your Sierra site(s), details about those requests are automatically pushed through to Follow Up Boss in real time.
  10. The city and state detected for each lead in Sierra are automatically pushed through to the lead record in Follow Up Boss.
  11. Each lead in Follow Up Boss will have a link to view details of that lead in Sierra.
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