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What makes Ylopo special?

We’re the leaders in Facebook marketing within the real estate space. Facebook has conducted three case studies on Ylopo and how we’ve been able to utilize dynamic ads for real estate, making us the industry leader within real estate Facebook advertising. Our Facebook marketing allows us to show properties from our clients’ IDX feeds directly within Facebook feeds, showing the right properties to the right buyers and sellers at the right time. Similar to how Amazon shows recommended products to its customers, we’re able to now let agents show recommended properties (inside the Facebook newsfeed) all done in real time using data analytics and AI.

Doing this allows our clients’ campaigns to perform better over time and keeps their costs down. We manage all of this for our clients, so they can focus on their business and know that everything is running optimally and at the most sophisticated levels possible.

How does Ylopo work? What can agents expect?

We’re generating leads from Facebook for a national average of around $6 per lead and we also help nurture these leads over time by keeping in front of them with email, text, and within their Facebook newsfeed using dynamic ads linked to their IDX. We also nurture existing leads from other sources using the same dynamic ads from Facebook for approximately $0.90 per re-engaged lead.

What are the top ways that real estate agents can benefit from using Ylopo?

First, we keep our clients in front of their lead database at all times in a super helpful and relevant way, all automated through Ylopo using the dynamic Facebook ads that we serve. Over 80% of leads visit Facebook 6 or more times a day, so we leverage that to target and engage our clients’ leads in a unique and highly effective way.

Second, our lead generation marketing allows our clients to grow their lead database month over month while growing their brand at the same time. We engage buyers and sellers on Facebook, and then notify our clients when the leads have shown significant home buying or selling intent, so our clients are only working the right leads at the right time.

What one piece of advice would you give to ambitious real estate agents looking to succeed?

Be sure you’re using technology to effectively leverage yourself and scale your business rather than letting it create more work for yourself and your team.

What separates you from competitors in your space?

We’re committed to constant Innovation and have over 10 years of experience in this space. Our leadership team also founded and sold TigerLead Solutions, one of the original and most successful Pay Per Click Marketing leaders in the real estate space. We also have an exceptionally talented in-house team of engineers and data scientists with years of experience in real estate technology. Finally, we have an amazing customer success culture where we emphasize training, support, and service to ensure all of our clients succeed and thrive – especially in today’s market, when real estate agents are up against so many disruptors and market swings.

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