Never Lose Another Real Estate Lead

Respond faster, do more follow up, set more appointments, close more deals.

Never Lose Another Real Estate Lead


No credit card required, 1 minute setup.

Do more follow up

We put ALL your leads in one simple system. So you can respond faster, do more follow up, see your hottest leads and keep agents accountable. Stop trying to juggle leads in your email and start closing more deals.

Speak with 75% more leads

For every new lead we will call your phone or send you a text message instantly. Calling within the first 5 minutes means you are 100 times more likely to contact that lead than calling 30 minutes later.

No more data entry

We log every email from and to your leads.
Receive leads instantly from the top 100 real estate lead providers. Connect ALL your IDX websites, forms or integrate via our open API.

What others are saying

  • "I LOVE THIS SYSTEM!! It is revolutionary in it's simplicity and ease! Leads from ANY source are automatically entered. We're ex Top Producer and My Brokers Helper users. Our follow up with prospects has VASTLY improved"
    Julia FishelSuncoast partner at Keller Williams Realty
  • Before I was just emailing leads out to agents and nothing was happening. Now I see the initial lead email, I see who it was assigned to, I see they called them... It's made my life easier, having everything tracked in one place. We are doing way more follow up which has already resulted in one extra deal ($7,500 commission!). I have tried other systems like Top Producer but it doesn't compare to how easy to use and personalize Follow Up Boss is.
    Tyler MortonBroker - Remax Victory

Built And Backed By These Friendly People














Built for growing real estate teams

Brokers Love

  • Not having to forward leads manually during a movie.
  • Knowing exactly when agents have and haven’t followed up.
  • Getting new agents started quickly with online video training.
  • Expert help setting up their account.
  • Making sure their zip code advertising is profitable.
  • Making their team more profitable
  • All their leads in one simple place agents actually use.
  • Getting great customer service reviews.
  • No more lost leads.
  • Seeing how fast the team is following up.
  • Sending the right leads to the right agents.
  • Reassigning leads with 2 taps on their mobile.
  • Attracting top agents with smart systems.

Agents Love

  • Speaking with leads while they are hot.
  • Starting every day with their follow up list.
  • No more clunky data entry.
  • Sending email follow ups with 3 clicks.
  • Doing more follow up, faster.
  • More time to relax after taking care of their leads.
  • Seeing their hottest leads in one list.
  • No more overflowing leads in their email inbox.
  • All their emails organized for every contact.
  • Automatically engaging leads they can’t reach personally.
  • Social information turning leads into people.
  • One simple system to learn and use.
  • Having the freedom to access the system from anywhere.

What others are saying

  • Just would like to let you know that Follow Up Boss has been my savior for managing my leads! I have been nothing but satisfied with the quality of the site and its performance, as goes for the customer service. We as a company are growing quickly and are glad to have Follow Up Boss as a resource!
    Tyler PerryLucky Team

Awesome Email Workflow



Every single email organized and synced to the right contact. Send from your iPhone, Android, Gmail, Outlook and have it all sync automatically.



Smart email templates, send follow up in just 2 clicks. Create your own with team branding.



Mobile ready. Quickly send email templates from your iPhone or Android mobile.

Sales features you will love

No more data entry!

Every lead instantly imported, searched on social media and assigned to an agent automatically every day of the year.


Respond Faster

Be the first to respond and get the business. Instant call or text message allows you to reach people within 30 seconds of their inquiry.


Agent Groups

Assign the right leads to the right agents. Want all seller leads to come to you? You got it. Need to route by zip and/or price? Consider it done.

Social Media Lookup

Turn every email address into rich social media info including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and twitter profiles.


Lender Access

Assign your preferred lender to leads for extra help following up and covering your advertising budget.


Agent Accountability

Keeps your agents and marketing dollars accountable with reports on number of leads, speed to action, contact rate and more.

Smart Lists

See your hottest leads that are opening and clicking your emails, returning to your IDX website, saving properties and more.


Android + iPhone apps

See recent leads, leave notes, use email templates, find contacts, reassign leads all while on the go.


Action Plans

Systemize your sales process with powerful workflows combining tasks and emails.

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