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    Works with Zillow, Trulia,, Wordpress, IDX Websites & more.

    Follow Up Boss takes all your
    leads and puts them in
    one simple place.

    Works with 100+ lead providers.

    Get more appointments

    Automatic engagement emails.

    Track all your marketing.

    Keep agents accountable.

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    Works With

    Lead Sources
    • Wordpress
    • Gravity Forms
    • IDX Broker
    • Diverse Solutions
    • Remax Websites
    • Reply Real Estate
    • Placester
    Mac & PC

    Follow Up Boss is browser based software, meaning it works with Mac and Windows.

    How It Works

    1. Lead Inquires Online
    Lead inquires online through your existing marketing

    Leads register as normal through your existing Lead Providers. Our system is notified via email. No time wasting data entry involved.

    2. Instantly Assigned
    Automatically assign your real estate leads

    The lead will be instantly assigned to one of your agents or your lead co-ordinator if you want to qualify the lead first.

    3. Instant Phone Call
    Instant notification via email and phone

    Send an instant phone call or text message to your agents to connect with the lead while they are still looking at houses online.

    4. Stay Organized
    Stay Organized

    When agents log into the system they see what stage their leads are at and which leads need to be actioned.

    5. Engagement emails
    Sync To MailChimp

    Have every single new lead nurtured automatically via email until you can reach them personally.

    6. Track & Measure
    Track every single lead

    Every single lead will be tracked to ensure that none fall through the cracks. Easily identify poor performing agents and lead vendors.

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    110% Secure, Automatic Lead Management

    We host your data using Amazon Web Services (AWS) the world class standard. Your customer data is kept in nondescript facilities that have military grade security protocols, it is encrypted and backed up daily to multiple redundant data centers. Every time you access your online data it is encrypted using SSL, the same security on-line banks use.

    Questions & Answers

    What is Follow Up Boss?

    Follow Up Boss takes all your online leads, puts them in one simple system and makes sure they get followed up super fast. It does this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you can provide superior customer service, turn more of your leads into appointments and close more transactions.

    How does Follow Up Boss help me close more transactions?

    The internet means that you are receiving more leads than ever before, through many different lead providers. Which makes it difficult to keep logging into different systems and trying to manage leads by email, the end result is you don't give every lead proper attention and you don't make the money you should be making from your marketing dollars.

    Ignored leads mean you are letting deals slip right through your fingers. You may have tried to band aid this problem by hiring an assistant or paying for a complicated CRM that no-one actually uses.

    Once you start using Follow Up Boss your leads will no longer be lost in email inboxs. You will know precisely which marketing dollars are paying off. You will be able to identify key leverage points in your business that will enable you to grow profits and provide better customer service.

    How does Follow Up Boss work? What does it do?

    Follow Up Boss is an automated system that doesn't rely on manual data entry. It allows you to send in leads from your existing marketing and websites via email. You can still enter a lead manually if they call in.

    Leads are then distributed via an instant phone call, text message or email. In the system agent's can leave notes and emails back and forth with leads are synced, so everything is all in one place automatically (no painful data entry).

    The end result is your leads are contacted much faster and more often. Agents and marketing dollars are held accountable to producing results.

    How hard is this to setup? How long does it take?

    Getting setup is actually as simple as changing an email address. Simply change the email address on file with all your lead providers to the unique email address we give you after signup. It takes less than 10 minutes to get setup.

    What doesn't Follow Up Boss do?

    We are not a lead provider or website company, we help you process all your existing online leads, so you can provide superior customer service and convert more of them into closed transactions.

    We are 100% focused on providing simple to use real estate lead management software, because follow up is the most important part of the lead conversion process.

    We are a big advocate of using the best possible systems for each part of your business, not using one system that claims to "do it all".

    Which lead providers do you support?

    We currently support over 100 lead providers, the complete list is here.

    If your lead provider is not supported we have several integration options.

    Who is Follow Up Boss for?

    Follow Up Boss is for Real Estate Pros that:
    -Want to provide superior customer service
    -Want to convert their internet leads
    -Want to make smart decisions about marketing based on data
    -Want to reduce time and money spent on data entry
    -Want to attract top agents
    -Want to build systems that grow their business over time

    Who is Follow Up Boss not for?

    Follow Up Boss is not for anyone that:
    -Generates less than 30 leads per month
    -Doesn't take action and implement systems
    -Doesn't follow up internet leads
    -Runs their business like a hobby

    Am I locked into a contract? Who owns my data?

    No you are never locked into a contract with Follow Up Boss. We are committed to helping you grow your business not tricking you into lengthy contracts.

    You own your data, with the click of two buttons you can export it in full any time.

    Before I was just emailing leads out to agents and nothing was happening. Now I see the initial lead email, I see who it was assigned to, I see they called them...

    It's made my life easier, having everything tracked in one place. We are doing way more follow up which has already resulted in one extra deal ($7,500 commission!). I have tried other systems like Top Producer but it doesn't compare to how easy to use and personalize Follow Up Boss is.

    Tyler Morton
    Broker - Remax Victory

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