Harness the power of generative AI to help your team work faster, produce more and impress clients. All without losing your human touch.
AI features launching soon
Later this year, Follow Up Boss will make early versions of new AI capabilities available to select customers prior to wider release. Here's a sneak peek.
Send perfect responses in one click
Save time by letting AI draft replies to client messages for you. FUB will read incoming messages, analyze your client’s entire record, and use it all to write a tailored response. All you have to do is review and click send.
Keep every client on track
Improve your conversion rates and client satisfaction by giving everyone the right message at the right time. FUB AI will recommend the right follow up workflow for everyone in your database, based on their past history and current activity.
See the key takeaways in every conversation
Work smarter by letting AI summarize your calls and voicemails. You’ll see a quick rundown of the important points and action items from each conversation, and get recommendations for next steps that you can take with just one click.
What AI means at FUB
Generative AI has the power to transform how your real estate business works. It’s new, exciting and rapidly evolving. Follow Up Boss will approach AI with the same focus on constant improvement that made us the leading CRM for serious real estate businesses.

We’ll listen to our customers, find the things that make the biggest impacts for you, and build those things quickly so you can try them and share feedback. We’ll work to keep you on the cutting edge by focusing on real results, not hype or trends.

Above all, we’ll work to make generative AI accessible and intuitive for you. That means building it right into the operating system you’re already using, so it feels familiar and fits the way you want your business to run. You’ll get to choose when you want AI to step in, and when you want it to step aside. And as always, our support team will work to build our own expertise so we can provide the service you’ve come to expect, no matter how technology evolves.
Get on the waitlist
Generative AI is still in alpha (aka very early) stages at FUB. Join our alpha group for opportunities to test-drive the latest AI features and share your experience with the FUB team and community.