Organize your business around one central hub

A home for everything, so you can turn chaos to calm.

Never lose another lead

Pick your favorite lead sources and FUB will keep them all organized, give your team a central place to follow up, and track everything that happens.


Connect your leads from every source

Pull in leads automatically from 250+ lead sources, so you can manage your own personalized client database within a single OS.
  • Capture and follow up with leads from one place
  • Keep full control of your client data on your terms
  • Choose the lead providers that work for you

Get every lead to the right person

Manage and automate lead assignment rules to keep your team organized and productive even if you’re away.
  • Improve speed to lead and client satisfaction
  • Assign leads to your team via round robin or first to claim
  • Distribute leads by area, price or MLS number
  • Organize lead ponds to let agents discover more deals

Sync your website leads & see their activity

Pixel gives you detailed info on each lead: What campaign they came from, which listings they viewed and when they’re looking at your site.
  • See when clients are on your website right now
  • Use any website (or websites) you want
  • Keep your data, even if you change websites
  • Track what listings clients view and save
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"We call Follow Up Boss our gold mine. It’s our hub where all of the good things live.”

Emily Smith

Get everyone working in one system

Once all your leads and tech tools are connected, FUB becomes your team’s command center. You and your agents can run your entire day out of one platform.


Stay on top of every conversation

Keep a cohesive record of every call, text and email between your team and clients, so you can have better conversations.
  • View calls, texts and emails on a single timeline
  • Check one inbox to see your most important replies
  • Always know where you left off with a client

Work seamlessly in tandem

Deliver a unified customer experience while working hand in hand with your team.
  • Loop in relevant team members to support a client
  • Keep your lender partners in sync
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts and overlapping communication

Keep your week on track

Manage all your client appointments and tasks from your computer or phone.
  • Stay in sync with your Google or Microsoft calendar
  • Send automatic appointment invites and reminders
  • Track appointment types and outcomes
  • Set reminder tasks so you never miss a beat

Connect all your apps back to an open system

Choose the right apps that work best for your business, and give them a central home inside FUB.
  • Stay focused by keeping data and processes in FUB
  • Stop jumping between apps to get things done
  • Swap out different tools and stay on top of trends
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"The thing we love about Follow Up Boss is the API integration with so many other systems. That's what makes Follow Up Boss so unique."

Tristan Ahumada

See a complete view of your business

No matter the size of your team or the complexity of your tech stack, FUB gives you a clear view of how things are going, whether you’re at your desk or on the road.


Control everything on the go

Put your entire team’s operating system in your pocket with FUB mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Access detailed lead data and communication from anywhere
  • Stay organized and productive on the road
  • Get notified the second a new lead comes in
  • Make and receive calls, texts and emails

Get a clear picture of team success

Always know where your team stands with a complete view of the stats that matter.
  • Stay focused with a central place to analyze performance.
  • Track metrics like conversion rate and speed to lead over time.
  • Discover opportunities and identify challenges.

Organize & track your team’s deals

Intuitive drag and drop deal pipeline to help visualize and sort your active listings and buyers.
  • Quickly see which deals are in play
  • View snapshot of key info like close date and commission
  • Forecast your pipeline and measure conversion rate

Finally get everything in one place.

Try FUB for free, no credit card needed. Join the OS that real estate teams love,  
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