Engage leads with less effort

Make it easy for your team to work the right leads at the right time.

Now your agents reach out on time and on brand

No more dropped balls or leads slipping through the cracks. Maximize every opportunity and turn more leads into closed deals.

Action Plans

Send an auto text & drip emails to leads

Make sure every lead gets an immediate response from your team and ensure consistent, persistent follow-up.
  • Personalize text and emails to increase conversion
  • Create a task checklist to systematize your process
  • Automatically prompt your team to reach out personally

Know who to follow up with and when

Sort and prioritize your leads into Smart Lists, and turn every agent into a high performer. Remove the guesswork and stop wasting time on the wrong leads.
  • Instantly see your most important leads and when they’re due for a touch
  • Dynamic filters let you segment leads without effort
  • Eliminate missed opportunities
man smiling for the camera

"We have the system, we have the tools, we have the processes. We have all the things that work and that are duplicatable in multiple markets.”

Daniel Dixon

Team Lead, Dixon Group

Seamless communication

Engage your leads across communication channels, including in-app calling, texting, and emailing. All communication logs on a single timeline for each lead, allowing for more organized interactions and conversation history.


Make more dials & get calls to the right agent

Power through call lists and track every call automatically with a complete real estate phone system built right into FUB.
  • Increase agent productivity and efficiency with one-click dialing
  • Get inbound calls on the phone with the right agent, fast
  • Make and receive calls from your computer or phone
  • Get AI-powered call summaries & transcriptions automatically

Send and receive texts from your central hub

Attract higher engagement and convert more leads into loyal clients with native two-way texting.
  • Auto-text your new leads
  • Send video texts to build rapport faster
  • Keep related clients up to date with group texting
  • Use text templates to improve speed and consistency

Capture more attention with better emails

Automate, track and simplify emails for your agents, and get transparency into what’s driving conversion.
  • Send automated drip emails
  • See when people open and click your emails
  • Reach more people with batch emailing
  • Use email templates to increase open and reply rates
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"Automations have leveled up our follow up by automatically sending highly relevant messages at the perfect time. It’s easy to use, yet very powerful with all the triggers and conditions. Huge win."

Albert Vasquez

Team Leader, AV Home Experts

Instant, consistent follow up

Every prospect gets the right combination of personalized and automated follow up. No more hoping  agents follow the process – the process is built right in.


Find more deals in your database

Automatically watch over your existing leads and spring into action when the time is right.
  • Start an Action Plan when old leads make a new inquiry or save a listing on your website.
  • Send a happy birthday email on your client’s special day
  • Request a review when a client’s deal closes

Never miss a call or text to your business

Capture and track incoming calls, texts and emails to your business, so you can prioritize first-class service.
  • Route phone leads into one team workflow
  • Collaborate and respond immediately to increase conversions
  • Assign dedicated numbers to your marketing channels and measure your results
mobile apps

Follow up fast from anywhere

Become a master of mobile productivity with the FUB mobile app.
  • Get instant notifications for new leads, so you can respond quickly
  • Call, text and email no matter where you are
  • Schedule appointments and tasks to keep your momentum on the road

Scale a winning follow-up process.

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