Prioritize your best leads

Pixel gives you detailed info on each lead: What campaign they came from, which listings they viewed and when they’re looking at your site. Imagine if you could:
Call your most active leads first
Find old leads that started searching again
See who's online now
With Pixel, you’ll feel confident you’re making the most of your time.

Have better conversations

When you know the neighborhoods and price ranges a lead is interested in, you can walk into every conversation with a game plan. Plus, you can build drip emails, text messages and action plans tailored to the properties they viewed.

Get more calls and texts

Use Pixel’s mobile-friendly call to action (CTA) to start generating more warm leads from your website traffic. 
Make it easy to reach your team
One-tap calling and texting
Integrated with your Follow Up Boss number
You can even boost conversions by personalizing the CTA with the name, photo and phone number of the agent assigned to each lead. 

See which marketing campaigns really work

Using expensive marketing channels like Facebook ads, PPC or SEO? Pixel picks up lead source data automatically and gives you built-in marketing reporting so you can track ROI all the way through your pipeline.

Facebook and Google just show you that you’re generating leads. Pixel connects leads to deals so you can spend your marketing budget confidently. 

Use any website (or websites) you want

Pixel installs in just a couple of minutes on any website platform that lets you add javascript.
Supports major IDX providers
Track multiple websites
Automatically connect web forms
No other website tracking technology offers this much flexibility. 
"The thing we love about Follow Up Boss is the API integration with so many other systems. That's what makes Follow Up Boss so unique."
Tristan Ahumada

Change your website. Keep your data

Other platforms only offer website tracking if you use their website builder. Some hold your data hostage if you leave and you have to start over from scratch. With Pixel, you can use almost any IDX website you want, change website providers any time, and stay in complete control of your valuable data.

Focused on customer success

Our team of experts is here for you, 7 days a week, via email and phone. Whether you need help getting up and running or have questions about your setup, we’ve got you covered.