Send calls to the right agent, automatically

Don’t miss new leads or make your clients wait. Get them connected, fast.
Route calls from current clients straight to the assigned agent
Send new leads to designated ring groups
Track missed calls and put them in a shared inbox for faster follow up

Manage calls efficiently

Everything you’d expect from a dedicated business phone system, included in your CRM.
Live transfer calls
Forward to voicemail or another number
Set rules for during and after office hours

Take calls anywhere

Agents don’t need to be glued to their desks to take their incoming calls. Follow Up Boss for iPhone and Android keeps them in the loop.
Route or live transfer calls to mobile phones
See full caller ID for CRM contacts
Log calls automatically, capture notes easily
“All my leads finally come to one place, and all the texts and emails are in the contact record, no matter which device I'm using. It's fast and also super mobile-friendly. It has just the right amount of features - no clutter.”
Preston Guyton

Spend less time tracking

Details like date, time and duration get logged automatically. Easily capture call results and notes in real time.

Know what’s working

See reporting on metrics like calls, talk time, conversations and appointments. Dig in by agent, team or lead source.

Measure your marketing

Set up dedicated numbers to track marketing sources like billboards and radio ads. Use ours or port in your current ones.

Coach smarter

Activate call recording to record every call automatically. Review important conversations and use them for training and coaching.

Not just for calls

Text your leads without leaving your CRM.
Send rich texts with pictures and emoji
Group text with clients and teammates
Text seamlessly from desktop & mobile
Every text appears on the lead history

Collaborate to increase conversions

Set up Team Inboxes to route certain phone leads to specific groups of agents.
Allow multiple people to see inbound calls and texts
Don’t depend on one person to respond
Route by lead type, source, or other traits
Forward & transfer live calls
Capture call results & notes in real time
Integrated texting, including group text
See voicemails in your CRM inbox
Work seamlessly across desktop & mobile
Track marketing with dedicated numbers
Automatic call tracking
Detailed reporting on key call metrics
Call recordings
High-quality audio
Unique local numbers for individual agents
Bring your own phone numbers or use ours