“No matter how many times I tell my agents to contact leads fast and often, it just doesn’t sink in.”

Agents reach out to a mere 29% of online leads, wasting 71% of the leads you buy. Those who reach out follow up, on average, once with each lead. This is costly for you when you consider this: the average lead takes 183 days - and multiple contacts - to convert.

If your agents are following up one time only, you’re throwing the money you spend on leads into a black hole. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
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How can you go from an average of 1 follow up per lead to 6 follow-ups... without re-training or changing your team?

Failing to follow up isn’t your agent’s fault. And it’s not yours, either. The fault lies with your current CRM. It doesn’t help your agents figure out who to follow up with and when. So after they’ve called a lead once, they just... stop calling. Which means, if you plan on continuing to invest in leads, you need to fix follow ups.

Make the move to Follow Up Boss,
the easy CRM featuring ‘Action Plans.’

If your agents have struggled to follow up beyond the first response, Action Planswill become their built-in memory. Use a range of criteria to create plans. Soagents stay top of mind for new leads, clients, past clients, referrals and more.

Tired of lost leads? See how your agents will use Action Plans to instantly know which lead to call (or email or text) and when.
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“Every lead that hits our database goes into Follow Up Boss and gets set up on an action plan. It’s almost five years long. Every lead gets grouped by price range, location, area, what they’re looking for, and where they came from.”

Graham Seeby

Principal, Graham Seeby Group

Let your agents build relationships.
Automate their follow ups with Follow Up Boss.

When you start your free 14-day trial of Follow Up Boss, you’ll instantly get access to
  • Everything inside Follow Up Boss, including Action Plans
  • Custom and pre-built Action Plans
  • Automatic texting to new leads, with templates
  • Automatic emails to new leads, with templates
  • Automatic drip emails to leads, with templates
  • Automatic task creation (for agents)
  • Lead tagging
  • Lead stage tracking
  • Collaboration
  • 500+ community-created click-and-go Action Plan templates
  • Reporting: emails sent, average speed to first email