Share access to leads for faster service and higher conversion


Route phone leads into one team workflow

When you send leads to Team Inbox, you can give specific agents or groups of agents access to them. Instead of just hoping someone picks up their phone, rest easy knowing that your whole team knows about every inbound call and text.
graphical user interface, text, application
graphical user interface, text, application

Collaborate to increase conversions

Respond immediately or assign a conversation to someone else on the team. Add notes or @ mention a team member. Schedule an email for later or activate an action plan. Team Inbox makes it easy for your team to work together and provide top-notch customer service to every lead.
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"In 90 days, we've already tripled the production of what the team did in an entire year. Using the system that's in front of them, they're able to dial it in, organize it, and do what they gotta do."

Barry Jenkins

Team Owner/CEO

Measure your marketing results

Assign dedicated numbers to your website, open house signs, digital ads and other marketing channels, then point them to Team Inbox so you can see how many calls each of your investments are generating.
graphical user interface, text, application
graphical user interface, text, application

Stop leads from falling through the cracks

Team Inbox is designed to help your team get to Inbox Zero. It gives you a clear overview of all open communication so you can immediately see which leads have been followed up with and which ones still need to be delegated, deferred, done now or deleted.

In the office or out and about

Team Inbox works seamlessly between the Follow Up Boss desktop and mobile apps. An agent in the field gets a push notification about a new lead and can call back in real time or assign it to someone in the office for follow up.
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