Lead Flow for new leads. Automations for everything else.

When your new leads hit Follow Up Boss, you can use Lead Flow to start action plans and other workflow. But what happens once those action plans run their course? What about all the past clients and old leads in your database? That’s where Automations comes in.

Nurture long-term buyers

When someone tells you they're just starting their search and not planning to act for a few months, easily start a nurture campaign that keeps you top of mind while you focus on active buyers.

Reach out when an old lead has new activity

If you've got the Follow Up Boss Pixel installed on your website, you can see when an old lead visits your site and trigger an action plan based on their activity.

Send a birthday greeting

Timely messages like a quick "Happy Birthday!" can go a long way, but the bigger your database gets, the harder it is to keep up. Automations handles it for you.

Share leads with lending partners

When you have a prospect who's ready to buy but doesn't have financing yet, Automations makes it easy to assign the lead to a preferred lender so they can be transaction-ready in no time.
"Automations has filled a gap that I never knew I had.  I've been able to go from automating hundreds of workflows using Zapier to thousands with this feature!  I can't recommend it enough!"
Barry Jenkins

Reach your leads at key moments

You can set an automation to start when you take an action, such as tagging a lead, or when your lead takes an action like viewing a property on your website. Or it can be time-based like “30 days after close date.” Triggers are designed to help you engage when something important happens.

Zero in on the right people

Use conditions to filter out certain leads. Almost any data you have in Follow Up Boss can be used as a condition. Want to limit an automation to leads from a specific source? Easy. Send extra follow ups to important ZIP codes? No problem. Conditions let you you reach the right people.

Take action, automatically

Automations can trigger any action plan in Follow Up Boss. Build one that sends emails, pings your team, adds a task to your calendar or changes the lead status (or all of the above). Action plans follow up with leads automatically and notify your team when there’s an opportunity they need to jump on.

Save time, share with your team

Want to get started with Automations fast? We’ve pre-loaded a library of Best Practice Automations that cover some of the most common needs we’ve seen in the Follow Up Boss community. You can use them as-is or customize away. Then, you can share your Automations with a teammate or friend using a custom link.
"Follow Up Boss Automations has leveled up our follow up by automatically sending highly relevant messages at the perfect time. It’s easy to use yet very powerful with all the triggers and conditions. HUGE WIN!"
Albert Vasquez
Team Leader, AV Home Experts

Agents love it

The best CRM is the one you’ll actually use. Follow Up Boss was designed to be fast and easy for agents so they can focus on increasing conversions. Train agents on Follow Up Boss in hours, not days.

Connects with everything

Technology should work for you, not hold you back. Follow Up Boss has an open API so you can connect it to the lead providers, marketing systems and other tools you use now, and any new ones you add in the future.

Transparent pricing, no contracts

You have to earn your clients’ business every month. Why should we be any different? Follow Up Boss has clear pricing, no setup fees and no annual contract requirement. We help you close more deals, not lock you in.

Always working for you

Feel free to focus on real estate, not tech. Our support team is here for you 7 days a week via phone and email. Follow Up Boss engineers release updates and new features constantly so you’re always a step ahead.

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