Your agents are rushing to appointments. Drowning in paperwork. Revising offers. Managing a dozen clients on a minute-to-minute basis. And trying to connect with leads along the way.

Email was supposed to make this all easier. But poor emailing in your current CRM has caused even your best agents to:
Waste minutes each hour searching for email threads from months ago
Look unprofessional when a lead reminds them of emails they’ve exchanged
Sweat through awkward excuses when they totally forget to reply to a lead
Get buried under dozens of messages an hour (and fall behind on follow-up)
Struggle to manage emails across browser tabs, their phone and a tablet
Use Gmail, GSuite or Office 365? Connect it to Follow Up Boss.
Your team can email as they always have, and you’ll get the transparency of seeing the emails they send.

See every email in one place

Your agents don’t need to scroll endlessly for an email or rely on their memory about what neighborhood or how many bedrooms a lead wants.

Automate emails to new leads

Email new leads automatically, the second they hit your system. Use Action Plans to send emails on behalf of your agents, increasing speed to lead.

Save time with batch emails

Want to send one email to a few dozen people on your list? Easily batch emails and send to a segment in a few clicks.

Eliminate guesswork and bad writing

Have a few emails in your back pocket that always get high open rates? Turn them into templates. So the entire team can send stronger emails.
  • Desktop + text notifications for email
    With open and click tracking, your agents get a desktop and mobile notification when a lead opens an email or clicks a link.
  • Timeline of email, text and call activity.
    Give your agents a bird’s eye view of the history of emails, texts and calls they’ve had with a lead.
  • Automated drip emails.
    Trigger auto-emails for new leads. And keep in touch with past clients by dripping nurturing content to them by email.
  • Turn URLs into property previews.
    Link Previews let you show property details - including photos - for URLs you include in emails. So leads click through more.
  • Gmail, GSuite / Office 365 integrations.
    Automatically track and log emails right from your agent’s Gmail or Outlook inbox. For outstanding transparency.
Everything inside Follow Up Boss
Custom and pre-built Action Plans
Automatic texting to new leads, with templates
Automatic emails to new leads, with templates
Automatic drip emails to leads, with templates
Automatic task creation (for agents)
Lead tagging
Lead stage tracking
500+ community-created click-and-go Action Plan templates
Reporting: emails sent, average speed to first email