Measure results

Evaluate performance faster

Track leading indicators like response rate to evaluate lead sources and agent performance faster than waiting for deals to close
See if leads from each source are responsive
Track appointments set by agent or source
See if leads are slipping through the cracks
Improve conversions

Increase your ROI from leads

Follow Up Boss makes it easier for agents to log their actions, so you'll now have a more complete picture for better decisions
Speed to lead across text, phone and email
See how frequently agents are reaching out
Check in on overall activity and effort

Close more listings

Use the ‘Properties’ report to see the effectiveness of your marketing and use that data to close more listings
Show how many active buyers you have
Show how effective your marketing is
One click to generate a list of those contacts

Dig deeper

Drill down into your data with one click to see all the contacts associated with each metric so you can identify challenges and discover opportunities
See list of contacts so you can filter further
Click on any contact to see more details
Coach agents and improve performance