Never miss an important call

Get your hottest leads and active clients on the phone with the right agent, fast.
Route calls to the assigned agent or a ring group
Use shared inboxes to collaborate on leads
Track marketing campaigns with unique numbers
Live transfer calls to agents or ring groups

Dial more leads, faster

Increase agent productivity by placing outbound calls directly from the CRM.
Build call lists for your most important leads
Dial with one click from any screen
Call from your desktop or mobile phone
"Using calling lists, I can make 40 phone calls in 15 minutes. It's a thing of beauty."
Ryan Fitzgerald
Realtor/Owner, Raleigh Realty

Stop logging, start coaching

Track activity and drive accountability without the distraction of manual call logging. 
Log every inbound and outbound call automatically, capture notes in real time
Record calls and easily access them for reference or coaching (or turn recordings off if you don’t want them)
Report on call metrics for single agents or an entire team

Calls & texts: better together

Move faster and see the entire conversation in one place by texting directly from your CRM.
Send rich text messages, including group texts
Switch seamlessly between desktop & mobile
View every text right in the lead history

Add more calling superpowers

Want to add a multi-line dialer or text message marketing? Follow Up Boss makes it easy to connect your CRM with the industry’s best prospecting and marketing systems.