Prioritize your best leads

Create call lists that keep you focused on what's important.
Make lists based on lead source, lead activity, stage or other factors
Lists refresh automatically all day long
Customize lists for different agents or teams

Dial with ease

Save time and increase conversion by dialing right from your CRM.
Power through call lists quickly
Dial from any screen
View missed calls in your Inbox
Warm transfer calls to your team

Call from anywhere

Make calls from your desk or using the Follow Up Boss app for iPhone and Android.

Calls get logged on each lead’s history so you can switch between devices and pick up right where you left off.
"Using calling lists, I can make 40 phone calls in 15 minutes. It's a thing of beauty."
Ryan Fitzgerald
Realtor/Owner, Raleigh Realty

Spend less time tracking

Details like date, time and duration get logged automatically. Easily capture call results and notes in real time.

Know what’s working

See reporting on metrics like calls, talk time, conversations and appointments. Dig in by agent, team or lead source.

Recognize hard work

Use the built-in Leaderboard to motivate your team with friendly competition. Track your monthly goals or host a call night.

Coach smarter

Activate call recording to record every call automatically. Review important conversations and use them for training and coaching.

Calls & texts: better together

Move faster and see the entire conversation in one place by texting directly from your CRM.
Send rich texts with pictures and emoji
Group text with clients and teammates
Text seamlessly from desktop & mobile
Every text appears on the lead history

Great for teams & ISAs

Make it easy for everyone in your office to get more done.
Create dedicated call lists for different agents and teams.
Filter on lead type, lead source, or any other data you have.
ISAs can easily transfer calls to an agent’s cell phone for seamless handoffs
Customize reports for each team or group
Smart call lists
One-click dialing from any screen
Forward & transfer live calls
Capture call results & notes in real time
Integrated texting, including group text
See voicemails in your CRM inbox
Work seamlessly across desktop & mobile
Automatic call tracking
Detailed reporting on key call metrics
Call recordings
High-quality audio
Unique local numbers for individual agents
Bring your own phone numbers or use ours
Add a Company Number to route inbound calls