Without smart call tracking in your CRM, you don’t know if your agents are calling leads. You don’t know how many calls led to appointments or how many appts led to sales. And you can‘t have data-driven discussions where you say, “Hey, you made 177 calls and had 43 conversations, but no appointments - what’s happening?” Which means you can’t coach your team to raise their game.

Track and measure all calls. Get the world’s easiest instant calling and call tracking inside Follow Up Boss.

Better data about the calls your agents make means better conversations.

Track how many calls your agents make
Track how many emails your agents send
Track how many texts your agents send
Track how many conversations they actually have
Calculate the number of those conversations that lead to appointments
Calculate the number of those appointments that lead to sales
Compare over time to see if you’re trending up or down

See how many calls your team is making. And know who’s hitting their goals.

Automatically log every call your agents make. And know if and when they’re following up with the leads you’re paying for.

Track agent conversion rates.

See calls to conversations to appointments made. So you can tell which agents are good closers and which ones need a little coaching.

Boost agent productivity.

All calls are logged and recorded automatically. So you can get a snapshot of your team’s productivity, and track your agents against their goals.

Keep agents on top of (and ahead of) conversations.

When agents get off a call, they’re prompted to make a quick note right in the app. So on their next call with that lead, they can pick up where they left off.
Shave off minutes a day. Hours a week. Days a year. Using the Dialer in Follow Up Boss. Agents and ISAs will power through their Smart Lists with one-click calling right from the Follow Up Boss app. They start at the top and quickly click their way down the list.  Plus...
ISAs can live transfer hot leads directly to their agent’s cell phone (and skyrocket your conversion rate)
Agents can see missed calls right in their inbox to make sure they’re talking to leads who are ready to talk to them
Agents can listen to voicemail right in the Follow Up Boss app so they don’t lose valuable time switching apps or tabs
"Using calling lists, I can make 40 phone calls in 15 minutes. It's a thing of beauty."
Ryan Fitzgerald
Realtor/Owner, Raleigh Realty
Everything inside Follow Up Boss
One-click calling, texting, and recording
Fast call logging and note-taking, including quick-reactions
A unique local-look number for each agent (for calling and texting)
Reporting: week-over-week comparisons
Reporting: call volume
Reporting: number of conversations
Reporting: total talk time
Rich inbound calling