Recognize hard work, prioritize coaching and build morale

The Follow Up Boss Leaderboard counts up all of your team’s activity and turns it into beautiful, shareable dashboards. Use it to power your regular monthly sales tracking or a friendly competition during a call night. No matter how you use Leaderboard, your team will appreciate their effort being noticed and you’ll be able to coach more effectively.

Stop paying extra

Leaderboard is part of any Follow Up Boss plan that includes our calling feature. Set it up in 60 seconds without adding expensive third party tools. We’re the only real estate CRM with a built-in leaderboard.
"Your leaderboard...it's awesome. I have my team meeting, we talk about the leaderboard. We know who's doing well, who's busy."
Anthony Malafronte
Owner, My Tampa Agent

Ditch the whiteboard and spreadsheets

Your team’s time is valuable, and manually updating a board on the wall or shared doc isn’t a value-add. Leaderboard pulls in all of the data that Follow Up Boss is already logging in real-time, automatically, so agents can stay focused on the things that matter.

Track deals and commissions

When you log your deals in Follow Up Boss, they'll become part of your Leaderboard automatically. Switch to the Deals Leaderboard to see who's leading in the metrics that really matter: Closed deals, volume and GCI.

Create friendly competition

Leaderboard standings move in real time, so agents can see their effort pay off as they work. Pick a time period and a prize (even if it’s just bragging rights) and watch morale improve as your agents compete to be the best.

See it on the big screen or on the go

Leaderboard supports casting so you can put live sales stats on a TV in your office without any tech hassle. And you can publish your Leaderboard to the web so your team can see it when they’re out in the field or working from home.

Unlike any other tech company

Follow Up Boss is 100% real estate-focused and self-funded, so we can focus on a long-term vision for serving the real estate community.

Focused on customer success

Our team of experts is here for you, 7 days a week, via email and phone. Whether you need help getting up and running or have questions about your setup, we’ve got you covered.