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"Follow Up Boss is a big reason why we have been able to double our sales every year since 2015."
Preston Guyton
Broker/Owner, CRG Companies
Preston Guyton Follow Up Boss Testimonial

If any of this sounds familiar, you need
Follow Up Boss

My agents don't know how many leads came in this month
My agents can't tell which leads are most important now
Follow up stops after the first contact
My team loses the "speed to lead" test more than it wins
Leads are scattered across a dozen different systems
I have zero visibility into where the ball is being dropped
I'd put money on this: we're leaving money on the table
My agents and I both fear the term "CRM"
We recently lost one commission due to lack of follow up
I know I would make more money if my team followed up more

Always running in the background

New leads and inbound calls from listings or your website flow in and are automatically put into Action Plans. Emails and texts automatically go out, making speed to lead instant.

Start of day

Log in and click the "tasks" button. See the tasks for the day, and start checking them off, one by one (No guessing required).

Then respond to all your emails, missed calls, texts and voicemails in one central spot.

30 mins before lunch

Review lists of active clients, pending clients and top clients. Pinpoint the ones that need contact. Text them. Go to lunch.


Between appointments and showings, respond to push notifications, send texts, make contact notes and redistribute leads to others

Before leaving for the day

Review client and lead lists in Smart Lists and call or text them. Go home confident that follow up is 100% under control.
Everything inside Follow Up Boss
Unlimited Smart Lists and master lists
Pre-built tags and segments
Custom tags and segments
Segmentation and categorization across multiple data points / tags
Unlimited lead sorting
Ability to import databases of any size