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We help top performers in real estate break free from the constraints of traditional real estate CRMs and build thriving businesses. We know there's more than one way to achieve that goal, and that the best real estate businesses are constantly evolving and trying new things. That's why we believe that above all, those businesses need flexibility and choice, to be able to decide how they want to evolve. Traditional, all-in-one real estate platforms limit choice by forcing customers to use the tools that they're selling and offering limited integration options. Follow Up Boss is different: We're a world-class CRM with an open API and vibrant ecosystem of integration partners, giving real estate professionals a flexibile toolbox for creating the business they always envisioned.

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The results have been great

"67 appointments booked this month here in South Florida. I'm in love with how easy, advanced, and insightful Follow Up Boss has made my life and the life of those on my team. Thank you for making such a polished and clean platform for growth."
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Albert Vasquez
AV Home Experts
"I honestly think that if an agent can actually turn off their phone and work their Follow Up Boss for two to three hours a day consistently, they'll achieve massive success. Massive."
"We've been using Follow Up Boss now for five years. It has brought us from a single agent to a team doing over a hundred transactions and over $55 million in business every year. It's an essential tool for our business that's helped us grow and scale to who we are today."
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Jeff & Renee Funk
The Funk Collection
"One thing that I really love about Follow Up Boss, as opposed to some other systems, is the simplicity of it. I can tell you from using all of the other platforms we've used over the years, it's really complicated for the agent."
"Follow Up Boss has been a game-changer for us in terms of accountability. It makes it easy for us to help our agents, provides extra added consistent value for our clients — and it has made our agents more productive and put more money in their pockets."
"We've been with Follow Up Boss for 10 years. The reasons we came to Follow Up Boss then are the same reasons why we stay. Amazing customer service, continually innovating, API integrations with so many partners."
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Anthony Malafronte
My Tampa Agent
“What a breath of fresh air! Coming from another CRM that I thought was the bomb...man was I wrong! FUB is exactly what we needed to have a more simplified yet powerful system that runs super smooth. The reporting is my favorite as well as the support team who helped us to make the transition."
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"Our team has been so fortunate to use Follow Up Boss for the last five years. It allows us to stay on top of all our opportunities and connect with nearly 40 lead sources so they're all in one place."

Justin Havre, Team Leader

#1 RE/MAX team in Canada
Justin Havre & Associates
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"In the past, I would say to new agents that you should be able to get a deal within 6 months.  Now with Follow Up Boss, most are getting something under contract within 6 weeks!"

Debra Beagle, Managing Broker

#1 RE/MAX team in the world
Ashton Real Estate Group
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"We can't accomplish anything without Follow Up Boss.  We need it! We say it's our 'gold keeper.' It's the difference maker in everything we do."

Emily Smith, COO

#1 team in Orlando
Wemert Group Realty

Work with us

We're a lean, nimble team obsessed with delivering for our customers, and we're always looking for more great people. Follow Up Boss is now part of Zillow Group. Join FUB at Zillow and enjoy these perks:
  • 100% remote company - work from anywhere in the US
  • Competitive pay based on national averages
  • Generous health care coverage for employees & families
  • 401(k) with 4% match
  • Generous vacation, sick leave, and paid parental leave policies
  • Stipends for home office, fitness and more
  • Annual company retreat