All-in-one? Master of none.

Get the freedom to choose how you grow. With the FUB Real Estate Team OS, you decide what's best.

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Teams move fast

Lead sources come and go. Marketing tactics evolve. Brokerage affiliations aren’t forever. When you're building a team, things change. We make change easy.
  • Import leads from any source, connect any website
  • Change parts of your system without interrupting your team
  • Build systems to automate your team's unique process

All-in-ones hold you back

Most real estate CRMs are part of all-in-one solutions that lock you into using what they're selling. The Real Estate Team OS is a flexible hub that lets you choose your tools and make them work together.
  • Convert more leads with world-class CRM features
  • Choose from 250+ lead source and integrations for everything else
  • Stay flexible & move fast to capture new opportunities
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FUB pushes you forward

Our engineering team is 100% focused on building a world-class real estate CRM, with an open API and a thriving ecosystem of integrations: An operating system for real estate businesses.
  • New CRM features weekly
  • Integrations added regularly
  • You're never locked in to things you don't want to use
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"We love Follow Up Boss because they play nice with virtually everybody out there...they'll integrate with everybody. Follow Up Boss is the hub of everything for us and then we add spokes from there."

Kyle Whissel


Open isn't just tech. It's everything.


We only answer to you

Follow Up Boss is owner-operated with no outside investors, no corporate parent and no competing interests. That allows us to move fast, stay focused on the long-term and do what’s right for customers. It’s the secret weapon that's enabled us to build the platform you've asked us to build.
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Transparent pricing, no contracts

You have to earn your client’s business on every transaction. Why should we be any different? Follow Up Boss has clear pricing, no hidden fees and no contracts. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time (and take your data with you), right inside the app.

The Follow Up Boss difference:

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Choose the right tech for your business

Your CRM is the hub of your business, and it’s even more powerful when you integrate all your lead sources, marketing tools and back office systems. Instead of selling those things, we let you decide what’s best for you and easily connect it all to Follow Up Boss.