Master of none.

The big real estate tech companies want you to trust them with your whole world: Lead gen, marketing, CRM, even transaction management. It's hard to be good at all of those things. Follow Up Boss is an independent company that’s 100% focused on building the best real estate CRM on earth.

Follow Up Boss CEO Dan Corkill sat down with Lab Coat agents and Ylopo to share the vision.

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Choose the right tech for your business

Your CRM is the hub of your business, and it’s even more powerful when you integrate all your lead sources, marketing tools and back office systems. Instead of selling those things, we let you decide what’s best for you and easily connect it all to Follow Up Boss.

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230+ integrations

Integrate your CRM with 200+ real estate lead sources and over 30 other software vendors so your leads are in one place and your systems work in sync.

Website pixel

Add the Follow Up Boss Pixel to your IDX website and enrich your follow up with data like properties a lead viewed and pages they visited. Track Facebook and Google ads automatically and see which leads actually closed.

Zapier connections

Automate your business with a deep Zapier integration that connects your Follow Up Boss account to 1000s of other software vendors in seconds.

Open API & embedded apps

APIs let software systems talk to each other. Our API is open, so any vendor can create an integration. We even have embedded apps so they can build apps you use right inside of Follow Up Boss.

Keep your CRM, change anything else

Lead sources come and go. Marketing tactics evolve. Brokerage affiliations aren’t forever. When you want to make moves, your CRM should move with you. With Follow Up Boss, you won’t have to change CRMs (and re-train your whole team) when your business changes.

Stay ahead of the curve

Our engineering team is 100% focused on building a world-class real estate CRM. And with our open API, new software vendors and lead providers can easily connect to Follow Up Boss without waiting to negotiate a partnership or get on our roadmap. It’s a combination that keeps your sales system in sync with your business.
"We love Follow Up Boss because they play nice with virtually everybody out there...they'll integrate with everybody. Follow Up Boss is the hub of everything for us and then we add spokes from there."
Kyle Whissel

We only answer to you

Follow Up Boss is owner-operated with no outside investors and no corporate parent. That allows us to move fast, stay focused on the long-term and do what’s right for customers. It’s the secret weapon that lets us build you the best real estate CRM.

Transparent pricing, no contracts

You have to earn your client’s business on every transaction. Why should we be any different? Follow Up Boss has clear pricing, no hidden fees and no contracts. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time (and take your data with you), right inside the app.

Plenty of CRMs have copied some of the things that make Follow Up Boss different. We’re the only real estate CRM that gives you all of it.

Don’t get locked into a CRM you’ll outgrow. Take control with Follow Up Boss.

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