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Connect Follow Up Boss with the tools you use

Here are just a few ways our customers use Zaps. Note: this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Customize your account with internal Zaps

Not only can you connect to other apps, but you can also create Zaps from Follow Up Boss to Follow Up Boss. For example: 

  • Adding collaborators when a new Deal is created. 
  • Creating a task and applying an action plan with a Deal is closed.

Save even more time with multi-step Zaps

You can trigger events in Follow Up Boss AND multiple apps at the same time. For example: 

  • Updating a Google Sheet, sending a postcard, and subscribing someone to a special mailing list when a Deal is created. 
  • Triggering a drip text series from Send Hub and creating a task when a stage is updated in Follow Up Boss.

Easy automation for busy people

Barry Jenkins is Team Owner & CEO of Friends in Real Estate, a $200M team that's ranked #2 in Virginia. He's also an expert on real estate tech and obsessed with automating everything he can. Here's his take on how Follow Up Boss works with Zapier.

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