Complete Reporting

Make Better Decisions

Our reporting focuses on the insights top performing team leaders need to help their agents close more deals, and drive growth
See how fast agents are responding
Which leads become conversations
See which agents are closing deals
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“Follow Up Boss is a big reason why we have been able to
double our sales numbers every year since 2015.”
Preston Guyton
Owner, CRG Companies
Sales tools

Set Your Team Up for Success

Most CRMs try to be a jack of all trades and become a master of none. We're 100% focused on enabling sales agents to do more of what gets real results
Best-in-class mobile apps
Email integration to eliminate data entry
Fully integrated texting and calling
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Collaboration tools

Deliver a Cohesive Client Experience

Your brand and long term results rely on how your team delivers for your clients - our collaboration tools help your team manage and deliver that 5-star experience
Set appointments for agents
Use @mentions to communicate internally
Add collaborators to serve clients together
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