Coach your agents to perform their best

See what’s working and what’s not, and level up your game

Build a culture of accountability

Equip your team with the intelligence and tools they need to hit their goals


Measure your team’s performance

Get advanced insights into your agents’ performance with pre-built and customizable reports.
  • Visualize speed to lead, conversion rates and other metrics to identify coaching opportunities
  • Track appointments set by agents and see their outcomes over time
  • Make better decisions by analyzing team’s deal pipeline and monitoring commissions and closings

Motivate your agents

Make it easy for your team to know where everyone stands and find areas they can improve.
  • Automatically count up your team’s activity and share it publicly with a beautiful dashboard
  • Power your monthly sales meetings with key analytics
  • Make it known who’s leading in metrics that really matter: Closed deals, volume and GCI

Listen to calls for better conversations

Automatically record your team’s calls, so you can review what went well or what didn’t.
  • Save a full history of every conversation forever
  • Download and share call recordings for coaching sessions
  • Never forget important details or talking points

Spotlight important notes & feedback

Comment directly on your team’s progress to motivate and train them on best practices.
  • Celebrate victories and give your team kudos
  • Call out areas to improve in real time
  • Collaboratively coach on conversion strategies

A great team needs a great leader.

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