Integrated Calling and texting

Manage all your conversations in one central place

Make all your calls and send all your texts right inside the CRM. No need for 3rd party dialers or switching systems to do your follow up.
Live transfer hot leads to agent’s cell phone
Call your high priority leads quickly
Increase response rates with texts after calls
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“Our ISA team uses the Follow Up Boss Dialer to make 200-300 calls per day.
Calls, appointments, etc…all managed within Follow Up Boss”
Preston Guyton
Capture Inbound Leads

Never Miss Another Inbound Opportunity

Inbound calls to your business are the hottest leads you can get. Make sure every single one has the best chance of becoming a client.
Route all inbound calls straight into CRM
Missed calls and voicemails logged
Live transfer hot leads to available agent
One central lead management system

We Treat All Leads Equal to Make Follow Up Faster and Easier

Stop being frustrated by only having access to key follow up features for certain lead sources, or having to work out of multiple systems to get it all done.
Sync all your leads into one central place
Centralize your drip campaigns
Automate lead distribution
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Home Search Site Integrations

Prioritize Your Follow Up With Your Most Active Leads

You can work with multiple websites from different providers all from one central system while still getting key insights like listings viewed, saved and average price.
Use Smart Lists to prioritize most active
Detailed history on the contact's profile
Sort by views, saves, price, zip and more
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Collaboration tools

Keep the Team on Track and On Task

With features like mentions, collaborators, automated lead assignment and more, it’s a whole lot easier to keep your team organized and on the same page.
Internal conversations on a contact's profile
Add lenders to contacts to stay in sync
Multiple agents can work on a single contact
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Email integration

All Your Email Synced Automatically

We automatically sync every single email you exchange with your leads and clients, even if you send from the Mail App on your phone or Outlook on your computer.
No need to remember to use a bcc email
Emails sent from your normal email
Templates make emailing lightning fast
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Results-Focused Reporting

Track everything from response rates to conversion rates with our customizable reporting
Broken down by agents or lead source
Speed, response rate and appointments set
See which agents are converting deals
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calendar integration

Easily Set Appointments and Reminders for Agents

With our Google Calendar integration, it’s easy to see when the agents on your team are available, so you can directly set appointments with leads and add it to their calendar so there’s no confusion.
See availabilities before scheduling
Events added to agent's Google Calendar
Reporting to see what's working
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