If your team’s not following up on leads today, no amount of money you spend on leads tomorrow will make a difference.

First, fix follow up. Focus your team on the best leads to call, text or email at the best time. And optimize their workflow. So they go from calling leads just once... to following up 6, 7 or 8 times. Which is the secret to increasing sales by as much as 90%. And which is what you need before you pour thousands more into lead lists.

Auto-send emails. And track every open, click and send.

Email directly from the app. You’ll never worry about a lead falling through the cracks with a complete record of every email exchange.  >
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Manage inbound and outbound calls in a click.

With our dialer your agents can focus on the profitable task of speaking to leads instead of searching for phone numbers, taking notes and tracking calls.
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Automatically text new leads. Even when agents are too busy.

All calls are logged and recorded automatically. So you can get a snapshot of your team’s productivity, and track your agents against their goals.

Go mobile. Because leads come in when your agents are out.

When agents get off a call, they’re prompted to make a quick note right in the app. So on their next call with that lead, they can pick up where they left off.

Easy for your agents to use because it’s smart, not stuffed.

When your goal is growth, you need a CRM designed for growth. A CRM that automatically imports all the leads you buy and acquire organically. A CRM that speedily assigns each lead to an agent. And a CRM that’s built with:
An intuitive zero-learning-curve interface
Automatic texting and emailing for new leads
A simple system that tells agents who to call
A mobile app (for agents on the road)
Conversation tracking
Reminders, notifications and more
When speed to lead matters. When following up more than once matters. When growing your revenue matters, switch to Follow Up Boss: the streamlined CRM for growth-focused team leaders.
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Genius reporting. For true visibility and transparency.

When you think about your average workday, how often have you felt confident that you know your agents and ISAs:
Are following up with new leads?
Are nurturing active leads?
Aren’t wasting whole hours in a day?
Are trying to re-engage inactive leads?
If your current CRM isn’t giving you a clear, transparent view of everything your agents are doing in a day, from the calls they made that morning to the showings they scheduled that afternoon, welcome to Follow Up Boss.
With Follow Up Boss, you’ll get transparent reporting. See everything. Know everything. So you can accurately forecast. And fast-track your growth plans.
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