Homesnap Pro, the top-rated agent mobile app with real-time MLS data, allows agents to advertise listings, recent sales, price cuts, and open houses on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Waze.

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What makes Homesnap special?

Homesnap Pro, the top-rated agent mobile app with real-time MLS data, allows agents to advertise listings, recent sales, price cuts, and open houses on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Waze. The ads are customized to the agent and the house being advertised, and can be provisioned instantly. Agents can select and customize different templates, calls to action, and landing pages.

How does Homesnap’s service work? What can agents expect?

There are two ways to buy ads. Agents can buy a single ad or automate their ads and save 10% per order. By automation, we mean that anytime an agent has a “need to advertise,” Homesnap provisions and distributes the ad according to the agent’s pre-selected specifications—the agent doesn’t have to lift a finger. “Need to advertise” is defined by the agent. For example, some agents only want to advertise new listings, while other agents want to advertise listings and recent deals, but only above a certain price threshold or in certain zip codes. Homesnap has tools which make customizing filters for the agent easy.

On top of listing ads, Homesnap’s premium version of Homesnap Pro, called Homesnap Pro+, provides additional lead gen opportunities for agents by automating the management of agents’ Google business profiles.

Because Google’s top priority is to deliver the most relevant results to consumers through search, and because “relevant” is increasingly synonymous with “local,” Google gives small businesses a prominent, full color ad displayed on the right hand side of organic search results.

At first, the profile primarily serves the purpose of ensuring that consumers who search for an agent by name find that agent, and don’t get swept away into someone else’s funnel who might have the top organic search placement (e.g. Zillow or Redfin).

What are the top ways that real estate agents can benefit from using Homesnap?

We highly recommend that agents opt for automation. We’ve seen many success stories from single ads, but it’s sort of like throwing a dart at a dartboard with a blindfold on. Advertising is all about repeated exposure. Agents who repeatedly advertise the activities they are doing (listings, closings, open houses, etc.) to the same audience get the best results. Homesnap continues to keep the agent top of mind to that audiences through programmatic retargeting and drip campaigns. We see one conversion for about every 30 leads that come in.

What one piece of advice would you give to ambitious real estate agents looking to succeed?

Try a good balance of platforms and tactics in your digital marketing, but pay close attention to how they are performing so that you can optimize what’s working and spend less on what isn’t. Take the time to really read the metrics reports you get.

What separates Homesnap from your competitors?

Homesnap has cracked the code for building trust with Google. As we developed the product, we learned which levers to pull and how frequently to pull them in order to have Google recommend that agent’s profile as a relevant result for broader search terms. When agent John Smith first claims his profile through Homesnap Pro+, we ensure that his profile appears in search results for “John Smith real estate agent” in John Smith’s relevant zip codes. Overtime, through our management, John Smith’s profile will start appearing when consumers search for “real estate agent near me” in those same zip codes, creating a lead gen opportunity for John Smith.

We’re rolling out other exciting features for Homesnap Pro+ in 2019. All of the features we are adding are geared toward helping agents get more leads and giving the agents a safe haven (the Homesnap platform) to nurture, convert, and collaborate with those leads turned clients.

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