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Smart Alto has ISAs who use texting and calling to set appointments with inbound real estate leads from all marketing channels, 24/7.

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Jonathan Torress sells luxury homes with Smart Alto

Heather Bennet builds her team with Smart Alto

CJ Evins closes deals with Smart Alto

Smart Alto has inside sales agents who use text messages and phone calls to set appointments with inbound real estate leads from all marketing channels, 24/7. 

Respond to Every Lead

Inside sales agents engage every lead within 2 minutes and are always available to convert leads who are ready to buy or sell right now.

  • Powered by Humans, 24/7
  • Live Transfer Available
  • Qualify & Filter Inbound Leads

Follow Up with Leads

No sales opportunity falls through the cracks because leads who don’t immediately set an appointment with you are consistently followed up with until they are ready to talk on the phone.

  • 24 Month Follow Up
  • Done-for-you Follow Up Campaigns
  • No Automated Chatbots

Re-engage Leads in Existing Database

Turn 2-4% of old leads into close deals with inside sales agents and smart text message campaigns designed to bring dead leads back to life.  

  • Fully Managed by Inside Sales Agents
  • Personalize Text Message Scripts 
  • Appointment Notifications by Email and Text Message

What data does Smart Alto send to Follow Up Boss?

  • Everything that happens in Smart Alto can be seen in FUB.
  • Every inbound lead and text message via Smart Alto.
  • Every outbound text.
  • Tags from your Smart Alto campaign
  • Notes saved in Smart Alto
  • All future updates will be pushed to FUB

What does Smart Alto look like when it interacts with Follow Up Boss?

This lead came into Follow Up Boss and Smart Alto’s inside sales agents immediately replied with an opening greeting, capturing important criteria like the number of beds/baths, desired location, and price range. There is also a link that redirects you to the conversation in Smart Alto.

The conversation lasted for several hours, ending in a phone appointment for the real estate agent. 

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