Verse works as your personal inside sales team to provide 24/7 lead follow up and nurture at any scale.

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About Verse

Verse works as your personal inside sales team to provide:

  • 5 minute response time to your leads, 24/7
  • US-Based team to help engage and qualify your leads
  • Option to refer leads you don’t want or are too busy for and get paid a 25% referral fee when they close

How the Integration Works

This highly requested feature is a big step forward in the Verse platform, and with this integration our team can receive your Follow Up Boss leads in real time! Also, with the API, all of our ISA’s attempts and notes are viewable on your Follow Up Boss dashboard!

Key Features

  • Real Time Sync to Follow Up Boss Dashboard
  • With real time sync you can now easily view your lead’s updates and history attempts directly from your Follow Up Boss dashboard.
  • View Notes for each lead.
  • View History of Call, SMS, and Email Attempts For Each Lead in Real Time
  • View SMS Conversations in Real Time
  • Admins will still be able to use their existing distribution rules
  • Once we are connected through the Admin’s API, we will receive all of the leads account wide. Any assignment rules that are in place, will remain the same, and all of our ISA’s notes and updates will be viewable within the assigned agents portion of the dashboard.
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