Understanding the numbers behind your business is what gives you the ability to dissect and address the areas where you can have the biggest overall impact on your team’s results.

With the reporting feature in Follow Up Boss, we based our standard reports around the questions team leaders need to know the answers to in their business in order to increase their bottom line.

Besides your total account activity, we have included:

How Many Leads Have We Not Acted On

This report shows you the leads that might be slipping through the cracks on you, and also shows which agents may be the culprit…


How Quickly We Follow Up On Leads


As we have all heard before, speed to lead is the most important metric to focus on, especially if you’re doing any kind of high volume lead generation. Now you’ll have transparency into how each of your team members is performing in that area across each of their core communications channels of phone, email and text.

How Many Times We Try to Contact Each Lead


The second most important metric for teams when it comes to lead conversion is the number of attempts that are made to each lead to try to reach them.

If your team tends towards a ‘once and done’ type approach, this report is going to provide additional, granular insight to help address this gap and help dramatically improve conversions.

What Team Member is Getting the Most Leads to Respond


Finally, the objective of all the other activities is eventually to start more conversations with your leads. You can’t complete a sale with them, without starting with that initial conversation. Now, since all your team’s communication activity is running through Follow Up Boss, you can easily see that information on a per-agent basis inside a simple report.

How to ‘Drill Down’ Into the Data

Beyond just showing you the data, each report allows you to click the number of leads next to each of your agents in order to see a short list of all the leads the data you’re seeing is related to. This gives you the ability to gain a deeper understanding of what your agents are doing with their leads in order to unearth areas where you can coach them to improve their results.