= More listings, happier clients, less stress
Follow Up Boss, the CRM chosen by 30 of North America's top 50 teams, naturally aligns with 72SOLD, America's premier home selling program. 72SOLD's proprietary 12-step listing powerhouse process combined with FUB offers real estate agents and teams an unparalleled edge: Win more listings, waste less time, and expand your team.
White glove onboarding:
Follow Up Boss is committed to delivering white-glove, VIP onboarding for every 72SOLD team that takes advantage of this symbiotic partnership, like many 72SOLD teams have already done. Whether you're a solo agent, a large team, or anywhere between, we'll make sure you're set up for success.
Reasons to sign up:
If you've wondered if you're capturing every deal in your database, or if your leads are being responded to quickly and consistently, or if you or your team could move faster to touch more leads in less time. Follow Up Boss is that solution.