Better Voicemail


Better Voicemail + Follow Up Boss

Missing calls from your hot leads is painful, even worse when you don’t know who they are and you forget to call them back. We found a way to fix that pain.

How it works:

1. Someone gets referred to you or sees your marketing

Your busy and the call goes to voicemail (the death of many a commission check).

2. The caller hears several options (making you look like a pro)

Play different greetings to first-time callers, send callers text messages with home information and a heap more.

In an industry where 73% of all real estate agents are part time.
Would you prefer to make a professional first impression?

3. Better Voicemail sends a notification via their sweet iPhone and Android app

It includes the person’s name and what they were calling about, as well as a transcript if they left a message.

Bonus: See the state and the city of people calling, you can just ignore those pesky vendors voicemails too!

Better Voicemail

4. Follow Up Boss emails you instantly

We’ll send you an email with all the information we have about that person, so you know exactly what to say when you call them back.

Or if it’s someone new we’ll create a new contact in Follow Up Boss.

Better Voicemail + Follow Up Boss

5. Call them back then reply to the email we send to create a note about the call

Note down all the important details of the call and we’ll keep them safe for you.

You can do this while on the go from your iPhone, Android and Blackberry or from gmail and outlook.

Better Voicemail Email

6. We’ll also record all this down for you

So you have a complete history of your contact, handy.

Better Voicemail CRM

Better Voicemail + Follow Up Boss

Because Real Estate Pro’s always return phone calls.

Better Voicemail is on Android and iPhone get it here