Automatically Track and Log All the Emails You Exchange with Your Leads and Clients Without Lifting a Finger

Transparency into your Agent’s Follow Up

With our Connection to Gmail and GSuite (Google’s product for your branded business emails), we can automatically track and log emails right from your agent’s email inbox, with no manual data entry required on their part. This give you unprecedented access to how they are following up with the leads you’re providing, without them having to do any manual data entry.


Open and Click Tracking

The best time to follow up with a lead is within first 5 minutes of becoming a lead. When’s the second best time? When they’re looking at the email you just sent them.

With our open and click tracking, you’ll get a desktop notification when they open your email or click any links in it, and will also be able to see their email interaction history in their timeline.


Because we’re connected directly with your Gmail inbox, we’re able to show in your FUB inbox, all the email responses you’ve gotten from people that are added as contacts to your FUB account. This gives you a focused place to respond to your emails, without the distraction of bills, marketing emails, or stuff about your kid’s soccer practice!


Automated Drip Emails

Using our action plans feature, you can also set up automated drip emails to trigger automatically for new leads, orĀ for keeping in touch with other people in your database like past clients


With reporting on your most-used email templates, you’ll be able to see which emails get the most opens, clicks and most importantly – responses

Reply Right from Contact Profile

It’s one thing to be able to track the emails, but with the ability to reply to an email within the original email thread, your workflow will be more efficient since you don’t have to switch back over to your regular email system to respond

Save Time with Templates

Saved email templates make the repetitive emails you’re sending to leads to follow up quick and easy to send. No more copy and paste!

Share Emails with the Rest of your Team

You can also share the content of your emails with the rest of your team to make it really easy to collaborate on leads and clients so there’s no overlap or miscommunications for a better customer experience


Never lose your work ever again – when typing emails in your FUB inbox, or right on the contact, we’ll automatically save your work so if you jump to another contact or close your window, it will all show up right where you left it:



Now you can click any other email on a contact to drop it straight into the CC field, and also took it a step further so that it’s now super easy to copy anyone in your account on those emails with autocomplete:


Link Previews

When you drop links into your emails, we’ll turn them into a much nicer-looking preview of what the email recipient will see when they click the link. This is awesome for sending listings to people you’re working with:


BombBomb Integration

Adding personal videos to your email has a HUGE impact on starting conversations and conversion rates overall.

Now you can send personalized videos from right inside Follow Up Boss email compose windows.


Batch Emails

Sometimes you’ve got an ‘in-between’ email you want to send that doesn’t need to go to your whole database but is still a big enough number that it’s a huge time-drain to send the out 1-by-1. This is huge for example if you’ve got a listing or open house coming up and want to email it to all the people who inquired in a particular zip code.

Now you can quickly and easily select a group of contacts (say everyone on a particular Smart List) and shoot them a quick, personalized email from right inside Follow Up Boss so you can track opens and clicks in a way that’s instantly actionable.


Then just add your new listing (which looks amazing now with Link Previews)


And then see who is opening and clicking to drive further follow up:



Click here to learn more about batch emailing

We know you’re using email a ton of different ways, and are always listening to figure out how we can make the stuff you’re doing 50+ even just a little bit more efficient, as over time that goes a long way to helping close more deals.