No one has hours a day to manually sift through 1000s of leads in a CRM to figure out who to call next. But how else can an agent sort the hottest leads from those in the Nurture Zone... so future commissions stop falling through the cracks or (worse) getting scooped up by the competition?

The answer? Smart Lists. The instant way to categorize high volumes of leads for follow up that never fails. Built into Follow Up Boss.
Go from wasting hours on the right leads and wrong leads at the wrong time
to spending just minutes on the right leads at the right time.

Click on a smart list

Save your most important smart lists for one-click access to your highest value prospects

Click on the first lead in the list

Start at the top. Review previous conversations, notes, or details about what they're looking at on your website.

Email, text or phone them

Click their number to call them right inside the contact profile. No answer? Send a quick text after you hang up to help start a conversation.

Make notes

Take notes from your call or add important details about your leads and clients.

Move on to the next lead in the list

Just hit the advance arrow to go to the next priority prospect on your list.

Turn anything you know about a lead into a Smart List. Yes, anything.

Dynamic filters let you segment your leads without any effort. Leads visited your site? Put them in a Smart List. Leads saved 3+ properties as favorites? Put them in a Smart List. Leads searched for properties between $500,000 and a million? Put them in a Smart List. Then work through your lists. Done.

Add a “daily” tag to new leads.

When you’re trying to qualify a lead, add a daily follow-up tag. Later, remove that tag in a click.

Filter out old leads for nurturing.

Sort leads older than 3 months, and tag them to follow up with them less often.

Sort by last communication date.

Filter leads by last date, and set up a Smart List that identifies which leads to follow up with each day.

Magically sort 100,000+ leads in a click. And find the buyers and sellers you need now.

Customize Smart Lists in Follow Up Boss to clean up your contacts. Set up a “New Leads” Smart List, into which any lead created less than 7 days ago is filtered. Set up a “High Value” Smart List for leads searching over $1M. Or create a new “Relationships” Smart List by combining tags: leads tagged Past Clients plus leads who were Last emailed more than 60 days ago.
Use pre-built tags
Add your own tags
Filter by multiple points
Segment 1000s at once
Create countless lists

Filter by zip code + price tags.

See which leads might be interested in that new listing you’re about to put on the market.

Find nearly forgotten leads.

Sort leads by “calls fewer than three” to create a Smart List of leads that need a call.

Update your sellers on activity.

Create a Smart List to remind yourself to email Sellers who haven’t been emailed in 5 days.
Everything inside Follow Up Boss
Unlimited Smart Lists and master lists
Pre-built tags and segments
Custom tags and segments
Segmentation and categorization across multiple data points / tags
Unlimited lead sorting
Ability to import databases of any size