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Altos Research tracks over 100 Million properties across the US and emails customized reports to your contacts every week.

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What makes Altos Research special?

At the surface, Altos Research ( ) is a data company, we’re the Data Geeks. We’ve been tracking the real estate market for over a decade. We watch every house in the country, 100 million every week, and we bubble up the analytics of detailed, real-time analysis for every zip code in the country. But under that geeky surface, Altos Research is really a communication company. The Altos Reports system is made to help our clients reach their clients. Realtors and brokers need to covert and nurture leads. They need to inform and inspire people buying and selling homes. That’s what we do. We just happen to use local market data as a really powerful means of communication.

For an example of an Altos report – see how Barry Jenkins uses his:  explore the data, search for your zip code.

What are the top ways that real estate agents can benefit from using Altos?

I like to say there are only three questions consumers can have in real estate: “What’s for sale?” “How much is my house worth?” And, “How’s the market?” Think about that last one. “Oh, you’re a Realtor? How’s the market?” or “We’ve been thinking about buying or selling, but is now a good time? How’s the market?” That “How’s the market?” question is your chance to shine.

Real estate tech companies bombard agents with tools to answer What’s for sale? (IDX, mobile apps, listing alerts) and every single agent has these tools. Some realtors invest in lead conversion systems like the home valuation systems (“How much is my house worth?”) These can be very effective at top-of-funnel lead conversion. But very few agents are really well equipped to answer “How’s the market?” automatically for their clients. Altos Research helps you answer all those “How’s the market?” questions. Think about all those people in your sphere who might be in the market sometime in the next few years – if the market is right. Your Altos market reports, in their inbox, helps cement their connection to you.


Figure 1: The Real-Time Market Profile in your Altos Reports

How does Altos integration work? What can agents expect?

The Altos system helps agents communicate with their contacts through the whole lifecycle. At the top of the funnel, your market reports are a great fulfillment on social media and other internet content. “The market is really heating up this spring, click here to see all the dynamic details!” These local calls-to-action are personal and useful. They’re also evergreen because the real estate market is always changing!  Altos market reports are unique in that we have lead conversion systems built into the content. Readers of your reports convert to leads when they engage.

But what if your leads are coming from bunches of other sources? That’s where our partnership with Follow Up Boss works so elegantly. You’ve invested thousands of dollars into lead generation systems. Those leads land in your Follow Up Boss account. With your Altos account connected to Follow Up Boss, the contact gets handed to Altos, we automatically assign them their local market report, put them in a long-term nurture email campaign, and give that information back to Follow Up Boss.

Now your team goes to work. Even if that new lead never responds to your calls, they’re getting nurtured automatically with relevant data so they’re much more likely to connect with you when they are ready. When a lead is responsive, you now have their Altos report link in Follow Up Boss for instant reference. With one click from Follow Up Boss, you can instantly grab the market stats to work into your conversation script. “… there are only 14 houses on the market in your part of town so if you’re thinking of selling, the conditions are excellent…”

What one piece of advice would you give to ambitious real estate agents looking to succeed?

Remember the three questions. Remember also that all your competitors answer the first two and that your chance to really WOW your clients is when you are ready to answer the question, “How’s the market?” You establish your expertise. You provide them with real value.

What separates you from competitors in your space?

Because we’re in the communication business, Altos reports are not just data and charts on a page, they’re written, readable, interpreted for you. Altos uses advanced software that interprets thousands of market variables and actually writes the paragraphs. Your readers aren’t just looking at a squiggly-line chart, but they actually learn what’s happening in the market.


Figure 2 – some of the expert written content in the Altos reports

Beyond the report design, the Altos system has tons of connection points with you and your sphere. Things like one-click Facebook advertising, and instant integration to your existing email systems, even printed PDFs for listing presentations and open house marketing. Your market data really needs to be part of your communications plan, not just a little chart on your website.

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