BombBomb is a video communication platform that enables you to quickly and easily send video emails and texts to your contacts

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You’re Better Face to Face

Build trust, convert leads, and generate referrals with simple video, a more personal, human, and often time-saving way to communicate with prospects and clients.

There’s no easier way to record, send, and track all the results of video communication.

How Customers Use the Integration

There are two parts to the integration with BombBomb.

The first part is built by Follow Up Boss, and makes it easy to send personal, one-to-one videos from right inside Follow Up Boss – no need to switch over to Gmail to send your videos.

This is a great way to greet new leads, say thank you for referrals, and to touch base with people on anniversaries or birthdays.

The second part of the integration which is built by BombBomb, is the ability to sync all of your Follow Up Boss contacts to their system automatically, so you can easily send newsletters or use their Prompt product, which is designed to help you nurture the important contacts in your database.

Full instructions on how to set up and use the BombBomb integration can be found here.

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