CallAction automates the tracking and engagement of inbound calls across all marketing channels.

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CallAction is a mobile web application to automate the tracking and engagement of inbound calls across all marketing channels.

Track Every Inbound Call

Instantly create a local or toll-free phone number for each of your marketing channels to automatically track every inbound call that is seamlessly routed to your phone.

  • Real-Time Activation of Numbers
  • Channel & Campaign Analytics
  • Call Reporting Dashboard

Build Your Lead Database

Every inbound call is saved to your secure cloud-hosted database and appended in real-time with caller information aggregated from the world’s largest consumer profile databases.

  • View Caller Details & Demographics
  • Export Caller Records to CRM
  • Add Notes & Contact Data

Answer Every Call

Ideally, every call is answered in person but all missed calls are automatically responded to with our intelligent SMS automation designed for instant caller engagement.

  • Powerful Mobile App to Manage Calls
  • Automatically Reply to Miss Calls
  • Follow-up Notifications

What data does CallAction send to Follow Up Boss?

  • Every inbound lead call, text, email via CallAction automatically syncs into FUB.
  • Every outbound text or call logged.
  • Call recording transcriptions are synced.
  • Full lead intelligence from CallAction inputted into your FUB notes.
  • Tags from your CallAction campaign: CallAction tracking number, campaign name, origin (call, text, email), CallAction user name... all passed as FUB tags, allowing for email automation to be assigned to fire off "lead flow" & "action plans"
  • Text Tool leads synced with history of request (what "key" sent in & outbound "response")
  • Notes saved in CallAction, synced over.
  • Lead Router / Call Broadcast synced w/ notes on team member lead assignment
  • Inbound call length & duration times saved
  • Holiday text campaign outbound text & inbound responses logged
  • All future updates will also be pushed into FUB.

What does CallAction look like when it interacts with Follow Up Boss?

For the drip campaigns CallAction sends on your behalf, they automatically add a note to the contact they're sending those drips to right inside Follow Up Boss to let you know that campaign is running:

Then, they also add a note to for each part of the drip campaign they send to that contact:

In either of these cases, they provide a link to make it easy for you to pause campaigns, take over the conversation and respond to people who engage with any of the messages they're sending on your behalf.

You can get full instructions on how to enable connect this integration to your Follow Up Boss account here.

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