With Callingly every lead gets a call within seconds, every result is tracked and Follow Up Boss is always up-to-date.

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Callingly gets your team on the phone faster

Callingly is a phone system that makes your team faster, automatically.  

Callingly integrates directly with Follow Up Boss and watches for new leads. When a qualified lead comes in, Callingly routes it to your available agents and rings their phone. When they pick up, Callingly dials the lead, records the call, tracks the results and automates all follow up calls until a conversation takes place. Every event is synced back to Follow Up Boss for full visibility.

Call every lead, automatically, with Callingly & Follow Up Boss

Tag a lead and Callingly starts calling

Connect Callingly and Follow Up Boss with just a few clicks and you’re ready to start. Just tag a lead in Follow Up Boss – it syncs to Callingly and it starts calling your team. You can configure automatic retires, follow-ups, individual availability schedules and priorities for each of your agents so that the right person gets the call at the right time.

Use Follow Up Boss Automations to control who is called and when

Your call flow is under your complete control right from Follow Up Boss. You can assign leads to different agents or teams, only call your most valuable leads, set priority lead sources and more.

Every call is recorded and saved in Follow Up Boss

Callingly records every call and syncs it back to Follow Up Boss so that you have a complete record of every conversation. Your agents can even disposition the result right on the phone so that you know the outcome at a glance.

Automatically assign Lead Owners, Tags and even Stages right from the phone

Callingly lets your agents automatically tag and set your lead’s stages on the phone right after the call. All these are then synced back to Follow Up Boss so that your data is always up to date and your automations can run immediately.

You can even automatically assign the lead to the agent that called them, rewarding the fastest members of your team.


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