Client Giant

Client Giant’s automated gifting platform enables effortless client nurture while maintaining the authenticity of sending a hand-selected gift.

Effortless client care with automated gift engagement

Client Giant’s automated gifting platform delivers the impact of a thoughtful gift experience while providing you a hands-off approach to nurturing your clients. In-house gifting specialists invest hours sourcing each gift, ultimately creating memorable experiences guaranteed to make an impact. 

Client Giant’s automated gifting offers experiences around every transaction: 

  • Send to home buyers during their purchase process.
  • Engage sellers as they navigate the sale of their properties.
  • Nurture investor relationships as they sell or purchase additional properties.
  • Personalize the refinancing process with curated gift experiences built around it.

Client Giant mastered the art of gifting

Client Giant believes that a gift with a logo is not a gift. With this in mind, all gifts are personalized on your behalf and Client Giant is a ghost in the process. No logos or branding will ever be used, guaranteeing a thoughtful gift experience for your people every time. 

Automate thoughtfulness with the Client Giant x Follow Up Boss API

  • Quickly leverage your CRM data for client care & nurture
  • Stay Top of Mind with clients in new, innovative ways.
  • Expedite gift engagement with a few clicks and an API key.
  • Automatically sync your CRM with your Gift Marketing lists.

Watch the video below for a step-by-step API walkthrough