Driftrock helps you capture and convert more leads. Connect 20+ lead sources & sync Smart Lists with Facebook, Google & LinkedIn Audiences.

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Capture can convert more leads from your digital marketing campaigns

Generate more inquiries and offers at a lower cost from your digital marketing. Driftrock customers typically see a 50% cost reduction per lead. 

  • Connect all native lead advertising sources such as native Facebook lead ads, Google Lead Form Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and TikTok Lead Generation to Follow Up Boss. 
  • Keep Follow Up Boss Smart Lists in sync with Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Customer Match and LinkedIn Matched Audiences to increase conversion rates of your leads alongside your email campaigns.  
  • Create high converting landing page forms and website popups to capture more leads and sync them with Follow Up Boss. 
  • Automatically validate leads from your sources before sending it to Follow Up Boss to avoid wasting time contacting unqualified leads. 
  • Track every lead by source, campaign, keyword and ad in the Driftrock reporting dashboard. 

Generating more leads from native lead ads

  • Marketing sources Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snapchat and LInkedIn all have native lead ads formats that typically offer a 50% lower cost per lead than sending to your website. This is because they prefill with profile details and load instantly. 
  • With Driftrock, you can connect all these forms to Follow Up Boss in minutes.

Generating more leads from your website traffic

Driftrock also helps you capture more leads from your website traffic. Either use a landing page form template like the Driftrock Pinterest lead form, or add a widget to your website to increase conversion rates.

Convert more of your inquiries or find more people like your best customers

  • To help you convert more of your Follow Up Boss lists, Driftrock can also keep Smart Lists in sync with Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Customer Match and LinkedIn Matched Audiences.
  • These audiences mean that you can target leads to increase conversion rates, exclude people who have already bought to increase your return on ad spend and find lookalikes of your customers. 
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