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EffectiveAgents.com is an invitation-only platform designed to connect top performing agents to highly motivated home sellers

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What is EffectiveAgents.com?

EffectiveAgents.com is an invitation-only platform designed to connect top performing agents to highly motivated home sellers. If you or your team rank extremely high in terms of production within a narrowly defined market area, feel free to request inclusion here: https://www.effectiveagents.com/agentsignup

What makes EffectiveAgents.com special?

EffectiveAgents.com uses actual agent performance data to help homeowners make an educated decision about which Realtor® they should hire to sell their home.  We believe that using data to inform the agent selection process is the way to go. When our algorithm matches sellers with up to three top performing Realtors® we believe that the combination of making a data-driven choice and giving agents a bit of healthy competition yields the best end-result for the consumer.

How does EffectiveAgents.com work? What can agents expect?

EffectiveAgent.com partners with top performing agents in every US market, agents can expect extremely high-intent referrals and industry-leading closing ratios.  Every referral that we make is the result of a direct inquiry from the home buyer or seller.  We do not resell, remarket or otherwise misappropriate leads from third-party systems.

What are the top ways that real estate agents can benefit from using EffectiveAgents.com?

When our platform makes a recommendation there is typically a lot of weight behind it, our staff has reviewed our algorithm’s suggestions, taken a look at the subject property and has probably even discussed it with the owner.  The overwhelming majority of agents in our system have been personally invited by one of our staff. To qualify for an invitation, agents must be in the top of 5% in terms of overall transaction sides in their market and boast market leading DOM figures and list/sale price ratios.

What one piece of advice would you give to ambitious real estate agents looking to succeed?

Always find a way to provide selfless assistance in an open way.  We work with the top selling agents across the US and the elite among them have a knack for always being motivated, helpful, sincere and available to meet their client’s needs.

What separates you from competitors in your space?

There are a handful of referral platforms in the US, our industry is extremely competitive and our competitors are backed by hundreds of millions of dollars of speculative investment capital, and yet, our small and motivated team in Florida has managed to edge out competitors year after year.  We have focused on the user, honed and refined our agent selection process and have helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the US.  Last year, our sellers beat the national average sales price of existing homes by $16,349 and they were represented by some of the top Realtors in the US.

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