Galtline Design builds incredible custom IDX real estate websites for real estate agents and brokers.

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About Galtlinedesign – Future Proof Your IDX builds incredible custom IDX real estate websites for real estate agents and brokers.

Real Estate is being driven by the internet and agents and brokers are looking for a complete system that can do it all. Galtinedesign’s IDX platform was built from the ground up to be customized to fit each client’s needs and to run on the most popular CMS, WordPress. Whether you are new to the real estate industry and need a basic inexpensive IDX search or a seasoned broker and require custom complex features Galtlinedesign can do it all. Galtlinedesign believes in combining technologies together to provide the best most flexible system available. Hence Galtlinedesign for IDX and FollowupBoss for CRM. Drive traffic from various websites, Zillow, and other lead generation sites into a single CRM.

What makes your company/product special?

Galtlinedesign is unique due to the ability to adapt with the current market. The core IDX system was built from the ground up to be customized. Galtlinedesign builds custom systems for investment companies, brokers and agents who require special features to help stand out from the competition. Build custom IDX features and integrate various third party API’s to create a unique real estate search experience. We like to call our IDX the Future Proof IDX as it can be upgraded at any time with new features. In addition Galtlinedesigns system is built on the WordPress CRM platform which gives users a wide variety of options for expanding their website. For example integrate IDX with Elementor which enables users to control every single page layout without knowing a single line of code. Also Galtlinedesign took every effort to provide a blazing fast search experience. Many of our clients websites load under 1 second and GTMetrix page scores are commonly in the high 80’s to mid-90’s for excellent search engine indexing. What makes Galtlinedesign the best choice? An open real estate framework to build just about anything.


Valuation IDX that was built for the home builder market – Over 300 complex calculations are crunched on millions of properties.

Key Features

  • Built for search engine optimization – Indexable IDX and community page builder
  • Full Integration into Followupboss CRM. Includes all call to actions – Save Search, Save Favorite, Schedule Listing, Share a Property, Ask a Question, Property Views, Valuation and Bi Directional edits on users information.
  • Custom build ANY features at anytime
  • Integrated IDX with various third party real estate API’s
  • Ease of use with WordPress CRM system
  • Blazing fast page load times and A and B rating Gtmetrix
  • Custom Custom Custom – Long term supported IDX that can be customized over decades

How does Galtline Design’s service work? What can agents expect?

Galtlinedesign has various SEO partners that have been optimizing and getting results for clients for over 25 years. Lead generation starts with marketing and depending on the client’s needs a typical marketing mix would be a combination of page optimization, social networking, PR, organic rankings and PPC. The majority of our new clients are leaving old outdated IDX platforms and have experience with their own marketing mix. We find it important to listen to what worked for our past clients and share what works well with Galtlinedesigns IDX indexable platform. In the end Galtlinedesign will devise a successful marketing mix that insures success.

What happens when a user visits the real estate website?

Depending if the user has a broker system or agent system, leads are linked by user type.

Agent Sites – All leads being generated from the agent site are assigned to the main account holder in FUB. All routing conditions are set in FUB.

Broker Sites – If a new lead lands on the website and does not visit any of the agent pages the lead is assigned to the main broker account in FUB and the lead is assigned by FUB routing rules. If a lead lands on an agent page the lead is automatically assigned to that specific agent. It doesn’t matter where the lead registers on the site the agent will ALWAYS be assigned that lead. First agent always wins.

Registration – Galtlinedesign offers various registration methods and each can be set in the IDX Plugin. All call to actions are triggered by property page visits, However custom triggers can be built for force registration.

  • User is forced to register after x amount of times of viewing a property details page
  • User is forced to register after x amount of times but user is able to engage a no thank you “Soft Registration” a set number of times before the user has to register. For example a user could view a property details page 3 times at which point the user is asked to register with the option of saying no thank you. This would reset the counter and after the user views a details page 3 more times the user is asked again. You can set how many times a user can say no thank you before having to register.
  • User can view details page x amount of times and press no thank you as many times as they wish without having to register.

Call to Actions – All call to actions are some point require the user to Register. The following is a list of call to actions.

  • Save a favorite
  • Save a search – Combined form with registration
  • Schedule Listing – Combined form with registration
  • Share a listing with a client –  Combined form with registration
  • Reverse address lookup to determine property value – Combined form with registration
  • Ask a question – Only shows if user is registered
  • Registration based off forced registration above

A popular Galtlinedesign feature is the similar listings widget that is shown on each details page.  Real estate buyers always want to know if a property is priced correctly or investors are interested in the rental market place. The similar listings is located on all details pages which allows the users to drill down into the data and get answers.

  • Users can look at all Active, Pending, Active Under Contract and Sold Listings
  • Search using google maps and by adjusting important criteria such as bed bath sqft etc
  • Look for similar rentals in the marketplace

What are the top ways that real estate agents can benefit from using Galtline Design’s services?

  • Agent and brokers can stick with one IDX and scale a system that can last decades. There is 0 reason to jump from IDX to IDX as the system can be customized to fit each of the client’s needs.
  • A 100 percent indexable IDX and indexable community pages. Our system is broken down into two separate platforms. A highly indexable system and an advanced search that rivals Redfin and Zillow.
  • Keep it Simple – The entire workflow from pulling RETS data to normalizing the data to building an IDX is very complex with many moving parts. When building our products we like to give our clients the most flexibility while emphasizing ease of use. Keep the system simple so everyone can use the interface.
  • Since Galtlinedesign builds custom features our product are built by brokers and agents who work in the field.

What one piece of advice would you give to ambitious real estate agents looking to succeed?

Real estate has become a technology business and it is paramount that agents and brokers invest on their online presence. Building on a system that gives the user unlimited flexibility will save agents and brokers a ton of time, money and headaches down the road. It is important to understand that there are two parts of real estate lead generation. A system that provides an excellent user experience and Marketing. Both must be met in order to be successful. Having the greatest website that nobody can find is pointless and spending thousands on marketing that will not allow a good user experience is a waste of money. Do it right the first time and build on a scalable IDX product.

What separates you from competitors in your space? (product, approach, ethos / culture)

Galtlinedesign has been in the technology business since the late 90’s. We started with the goal of providing technology services to all types of business. Along the way the President, Damian Henry, had transitioned to selling real estate around 2001 where he learned the business of real estate in Southern California. It was during this venture that he decided to set out to build high end real estate websites. In 2003 Galtlinedesign was formed and to this day Galtlinedesign services real estate agents, brokers and custom property builds around the country. Galtlinedesign prides itself in listening to its client’s needs and ideas. It is very common to have developers set in on new project builds so Galtlinedesign can thoroughly understand the client’s needs. We do this both via the developers mind set and project development. This always keeps costs down for the client and ensures that the build will be a success. Galtlinedesign believes in using the most up-to-date technology and to provide the very best service and product to all clients.

Gaitlinedesign Provides Real-Time Integration into Follow Up Boss


Integrate Registration Information

Integrate Name, Phone, and Telephone Number and last login from your flexible registration. Set
custom registration for each page or post if desired. Control when your new web site visitors are
required to login.

  • Validation via X-verify – Name and or Phone and or Email
  • Token based login -once users register they are always logged in and never have to remember
  • Last login tracked within Follow Up Boss

Schedule Listing and Ask a Question Integration into Follow Up Boss

  • All Questions and schedule listing information is integrated into Follow Up Boss
  • Custom email alerts are available for agents

Integrate Save Search into Follow Up Boss

  • Saved searches are integrated into Follow Up Boss
  • Custom email alerts are available for agents
  • Link to modify saved search from Follow Up Boss

Save Favorite and Viewed Listings

  • All Viewed and saved favorites are integrated into Follow Up Boss
  • Custom email alerts are available for agents

Valuation page

  • Custom email alerts are available for agents

Share a listing or page

  • Custom email alerts are available for agents

*Integration from Sendgrid to Follow Up Boss available.
*custom call to actions can be integrated into Follow Up Boss.
Please contact us for custom integrations into Follow Up Boss

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