Google Ads powered by Driftrock

Driftrock’s Google Ads integration helps you capture and convert more leads from Google and YouTube. Connect Google Lead Forms to Follow Up Boss & sync your Smart Lists with Google Customer Match.

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Google Ads powered by Driftrock

Capture & Convert more leads from Google

Generate more enquiries and conversions from your Google Ads

Driftrock customers typically see a 50% lower cost per lead from Google Ads

  • Connect Google Search Form extensions, YouTube & Discovery Lead Form Ads to Follow Up Boss.
  • Keep Follow Up Boss Smart Lists in sync with Google Customer Match to increase conversion rates of your leads alongside your email campaigns.  
  • Automatically validate leads from Google before sending data to Follow Up Boss to avoid wasting time contacting unqualified leads. 
  • Track every Google lead by source, campaign, keyword and ad in the Driftrock reporting dashboard. 

Connect Google Lead Forms to Follow Up Boss

To sync your Google ads leads to Driftrock in real time:

  • Sign up or Login to your Driftrock account
  • From the lead capture library, select Google Lead Form Extensions for Search Ads or Google Discovery Lead Form Ads
  • Click on setup and follow the capture wizard
  • Name your capture
  • Connect your google lead form and send a test lead
  • Map the incoming fields to Driftrock
  • Select Follow Up Boss in the destination steps and set up the fields
  • Review and Click on done!

Audience sync to nurture, build lookalike and exclusion lists 

To increase conversion rates through audience nurturing, lookalikes and exclusion list, you can sync your Follow Up Boss Smart lists with Google Customer Match

  • Sign up or Login to your Driftrock account
  • Select Audience Nurturing from the navigation
  • Click on set up a new sync and fill in the details
  • You can choose the segment you wish to keep in sync and the frequency of the sync. We recommend weekly for Lookalikes and 3-hourly for exclusions and targeting.
  • Within 10 mins or so (depending on your audience size), you can start using your audience in Google.

Lead Validation 

  • Sign up or Login to your Driftrock account
  • Select Lead Validation from the left hand navigation 
  • Customise email, phone number and address validation according to your requirements 

To optimize your marketing campaigns and unlock advanced insights use the reporting option in Driftrock. 

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