Our GSuite integration allows teams and brokerages to connect their work emails and calendar to Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss has a two-way sync with your Google email and calendar.

When you sign up for Follow Up Boss, you’ll be asked to connect your Gmail/Google Apps account to get started.

We do this because we have a number of key features that use this integration to dramatically reduce your data entry and make you much more efficient in using our system.

  1. We’re able to pull your new leads in directly from your email so you don’t have to do any extra work to get up and running.
  2. We can automatically sync any emails you exchange with your leads and contacts that are added to Follow Up Boss, even if you send those emails outside of Follow Up Boss to eliminate manual data entry or having to remember to use BCC emails to get those added to your CRM
  3. We can also automatically add any appointments you set up in Follow Up Boss to your connected Google Calendar

If you want to set up Google services on your branded domain (which has advantages for other systems outside of just Follow Up Boss), check out GSuite here.