IDXBoost is designed to automate your digital marketing, help you sell more homes, scale your business and become a local market authority.

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About IDXBoost

IDXBoost is more than just a website builder: it’s specially designed to provide you with all the tools and services you need to:

  • Attract the right people to your real estate website and generate a constant flow of new visitors.
  • Offer them a personalized and useful experience based on their online interactions.
  • Increase your sales and become your local authority.
  • Build lasting relationships with your potential or actual clients.


IDXBoost offers a suite of innovative tools and services:

Website builder

Create, edit and grow your website on your own terms.

  • Create your real estate website. No coding skills or plugins installation needed! You can also let our team of professional designers build it for you. 
  • Edit the look and feel. Choose your own style, color and fonts to match your brand.
  • Add content pages. Showcase your unique services, advantages or even create engaging neighborhood guides. 
  • Create property websites and private inventory: Build pages for your listings using high resolution images, video, and even floor plans. Go beyond the MLS descriptions and include additional information. Each property can also be a standalone website published under its own domain.
  • Add and manage your team. Build up your team roster. Include pages for each of your members with their own photos and bios. Integrate your site with IDX/MLS local boards and include your agent’s active and sold listings on their personal landing pages.
  • Access to a real-time control panel. Collect your visitors personal information and monitor their activity as it happens: how many times and which properties they viewed, saved and favorite listings, last activity and pretty much all their interactions on your website. You can access through the web or download the IDXBoost App to get alerts when a new prospect registers on your website and monitor your visitors’ activity anywhere you go!

You can use IDXBoost to create:

  • Websites for developments: Create a website for your project and promote new developments in your area.
  • Websites for broker agencies: Create a website for your real estate agency and include all of your agents.
  • Websites for condominiums: Create a website for your favorite condo building with integrated MLS listings, floorplans, photos, videos, statistics and more.
  • Websites for properties: Create a website for your listings, publish them under their own domain and share the unbranded version with your peers.
  • Websites for neighborhoods: Create a website for your farming area. Prospects and clients will use it as a resource of real estate information.
  • Websites for agents and teams: Create a website for yourself and/or your team.

MLS integration

Connect your website to your local MLS board’s inventory (US & Canada). Add value to your real estate service, providing:

  • Access to the largest pool of local properties for sale.
  • An integrated advanced map search experience.

Digital Marketing 

Attract the right people to your website and boost engagement, conversion and nurturing.

  • Attract constantly the right people who are interested in buying or selling homes in your local market, with hyper-targeted campaigns and automated tools. 
  • Engage your website visitors and offer them a personalized experience, using automations, drips and smart property alerts and targeted ads. 
  • Convert them into home sellers or buyers, with our proven strategy created by real estate professionals with more than 10 years of experience.  See tangible results from your campaign and get the best possible return on your investment (ROI).
  • Nurture your visitors with tools that will do automated follow up for you, such as email drip campaigns. Provide valuable information to your buyers and sellers, keep them engaged and coming back to your site in an effective way.
  • Do it yourself - Add the lead generation feature to your IDXBoosts’ website and manage it yourself.
  • Let IDXBoost's team of digital marketing specialists -with more than 10 years of experience in real estate- implement a strategy to attract, engage, convert and nurture your visitors.

How IDXBoost works with Follow Up Boss

When a new lead is generated on IDXBoost’s website, the system instantly sends the leads information into Follow Up Boss. IDXBoost easily connects to Follow Up Boss via API.

All leads are stored within the IDXBoost dashboard and instantly sent out to Follow Up Boss.

All Website page activity information is also available.

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