InterFace builds API integrations for real estate web applications that focus on doing one thing really well.

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About InterFace

InterFace helps teams optimize their tech stack with the most compelling integration, automation, and customization solutions for the top real estate web apps.

InterFace builds the most compelling integration, automation, and customization solutions for the real estate industry because we’re hyper focused on the very best real estate web apps. This hyper focus allows us to go deep, and account for much of the nuance in each team’s sales process. 

The Appointment Set process illustrates the possibilities. A FUB Appointment needs to be created, and maybe a FUB Deal, plus a note about the appointment with specific data, and an #ApptSet tag needs to be applied, and an Action Plan triggered, and the contact stage updated, and data added to other platforms, and on and on and on.

Are your agents able to remember to do all that stuff? Isn’t it a nightmare training them and holding them accountable? What if everything was consolidated to a simple form, embedded in Follow Up Boss, that collected all the info you need from agents and triggered everything that needed to happen? 

Your agents would be free to spend more time talking to clients and changing more lives through homeownership.

A Taste of InterFace

Web Form Embedded App

The InterFace embedded app embeds customizable web forms into Follow Up Boss. The web forms act as an extension of Follow Up Boss making it more customizable and user friendly.

Appointment Form Demo:

Appt Disposition Form Demo:

Sisu Integration

InterFace's Sisu integration is comprised of two parts. 

The Activity integration syncs calls, emails, texts, and lead sources. When any of those activities is added to FUB then the data will be pushed to Sisu as well.

The Pipeline integration syncs the sales pipeline data: Appt Set, Met, Signed, etc. InterFace's embedded app pushes data into Sisu at each stage of the transaction.

Sisu Appt Form Demo

Sisu Appt Disposition Form Demo

Open to Close Integration

InterFace's Open to Close integration uses embedded app web forms to push data into Open to Close. InterFace's forms can create and update OTC properties, and for canceled pending transactions, InterFace can duplicate the OTC property back to the Listing stage rather than manually creating a new property.

Other Integrations and Customizations

  • Smarter Lists: InterFace can add filtering capabilities in Follow Up Boss that don’t currently exist such as Last Call from Assigned Agent or Inside Sales Agent
  • Expanded Automation: Follow Up Boss and Zapier don’t have the trigger you need? InterFace can trigger automation from virtually anything within Follow Up Boss.
  • Twilio Integration: Mass texting and text drip campaigns for Follow Up Boss
  • Profit Power integration: Back office & Accounting Solution
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