Connect with real estate leads in seconds. Call, text, automate – do much more with JustCall integration to have meaningful conversations and drive higher conversions.

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JustCall brings frictionless communication capabilities to your team

JustCall, a leading cloud phone and SMS system, natively integrates with Follow Up Boss to automate manual tasks and provide modern communication functions for real estate teams. Now you can easily manage leads, close deals, and score bigger wins with key features like:

  • Advanced SMS Solutions
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Powerful Sales Dialers 
  • And more

The integration empowers real estate agents, brokers, and ISAs with a workflow that enables productivity, improves lead conversions, and facilitates robust collaboration across the sales funnel.

Boost your team's productivity with JustCall & FUB

Supercharge prospecting efforts with an easy-to-use calling solution

Connect JustCall and Follow Up Boss with just a few clicks to set up a robust, easy-to-use calling system for agents, broker teams, and ISAs. Transform more leads into listing appointments and won listings, and access crucial information on the go with an integrated web/mobile app platform.

Engage clients effectively with advanced SMS solutions

Leverage JustCall's comprehensive SMS capabilities to create text campaigns, drip campaigns, and call follow-ups. Stay connected and top of mind with potential clients using bulk SMS, group text messages, and JustCall SMS automation and workflows.

Maximize lead conversion and agent training with conversation intelligence

Optimize your sales playbook with JustCall's conversation intelligence solution. Coach and train your agents and drive maximum conversion using call scoring, sentiment analysis, and agent assist features.

Experience seamless dialing with powerful dialers

Connect JustCall and Follow Up Boss in just a few clicks to access robust dialers (auto, predictive, and dynamic dialers). Seamlessly sync contacts between both platforms and initiate prompt conversations with every new lead. Dial up to 10x contacts at the same time!

How to integrate JustCall & Follow Up Boss

It’s easy and takes just minutes.

For FUB account owners and admins:

  • Get API Key from your Follow Up Boss Account
  • Register your system for SMS integration (Optional if not using SMS)
  • Integrate using the API Key and System Details in JustCall

For FUB agent roles:

  • Search for Follow Up Boss in the integration section of your JustCall dashboard
  • Select the Follow Up Boss account, enter email, click "Integrate"
  • Your Follow Up Boss account is now connected with JustCall

Learn more here about how to integrate Follow Up Boss with JustCall.

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